Five Things For Labour Day

Here's what I shall look forward to, or wish for, this week. Would be interested to know what other positives TiCat fans can find.

  1. Damon Allen breaking Warren Moon's record. No matter what team you support, if he does it next Monday then the game should stop and everyone should be on their feet for the guy. This accomplishment is unique. Part of me wonders, though, if Clemons will sit him out on Labour Day so he can break the record at home the following week.

  2. Warren Moon invited to the game if Allen is starting.

  3. Terry Vaughn traded to a team that can use his talents and allow him to set his own record for consecutive 1000-yard seasons. It's not going to happen if he stays with the TiCats, and that would be a crime. Maybe we could trade him for Cavil ...

  4. John Avery given the chance to prove he's the starter over Williams.

  5. The stadium announcements and music at the same level they were this week. That was a major improvement.

I'm all for #5