Five More for Rookie Camp

Unannounced, unreported, and unlisted as far I've heard/seen, but registered with the league as signed on May 24th:

(Below copied from CFL Transactions)
ROSTER 24-May-12
HAM ADD IMP Shawn ABUHOFF (DB) Dartmouth
HAM ADD IMP Alex HENDERSON (RB) Northern Arizona
HAM ADD IMP Craig RAY (DB) Indianapolis

A second amusing observation from the CFL Transactions list is that the 4 players announced by the club as signed on that same date, May 24th, (Drummond, Johnson, Richardson & Wilkins) have NOT appeared on the CFL list. They ARE listed on the team Roster, but the five who DID make the CFL List, are NOT. Hello!!! Anybody there???

Good work Ottawacat :thup:

Brandon Boudreaux:

Five days later 3 of the 5 have now been announced by the team:

[url=] ... e-signings[/url]

Actually it's 4 out of 5 but why quibble. Just wondering if Simon Charbonneau-Campeau, whom the 'Cats called the best receiver available in the draft, is going to show up for training camp. It might mark the first time ever that none of the current year's draft picks attend training camp.

So Charbonneau-Campeau signs at the last minute. Still disappointing to have only one draft pick show up for training camp.

The only unexplained signee now is the Northern Arizona RB Alex Henderson -- registered with the league as signed but still not announced and not listed on the roster.

That's the guy you missed the first time around. He was signed on Tuesday and has been on the roster since then.

You're mighty right!
I did miss that and thank you for pointing it out to me.
My confusion comes from the fact that on May 29th, the team announced the signing of 4 of 5 players they'd registered with the league, as signed, on May 24th. Then, later on the 29th, they announced the signing of 3 more players -- one of them was Henderson and I missed recognizing that name as the 5th of the group of 5 that went unannounced for five days. Now, I see an opposite situation in that the other 2, announced with Henderson late on the 29th, (Braxton & Fanuzzi) have not yet been listed by the league. It would be nice to see some coordination between the club and league offices on making player transactions public.

Hey, at least it wasn't that Ottawa debacle ( can't remember when, but I think the Gleibermans were running the Franchise ) - when they drafted a DEAD player!
No kidding....

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They, the Gliebermans, often get blamed for more than they should. It was, in fact, Tiger-Cat Hall-of-Famer Garney Henley, as GM of the Horn Chen owned Ottawa Rough Riders who drafted the deceased player. Henley was working with by far the worst of the many Ottawa management groups and was one of four men from the Niagara Peninsula, led by Al Howell, who convinced Mr. Chen, a successful Chicago business man and hockey league (not just team) owner to buy the Rough Riders. Bernie and Lonie, at the time, were heading into their second, and final, season of ownership of The Shreveport Pirates. They resurfaced in Ottawa ten years later and extended the life of the Renegades for a season ('05).