Five Games To Go!

Well Tiger-Cat Fans we are into October and with five games remaining in the 2014 in the home stretch towards the play-offs, our Cats are in a good position a top the East Division and one win below .500 two more wins will clinch a playoff berth for us, and certainly the Eastern Title could be ours with the right amount of wins and loses for Toronto and Montreal.

WE need to Play each game tough as we have done on Defence and Special Teams, score more points on Offence, rush, pass, get TD's, don't sit on leads, keep scoring, keep adding points, TD's, Field Goals whatever keep running up the points and play hard nosed Tiger-Cat Football.

Remaining 2014 schedule:
Week 16 – @ Toronto Oct 10/2014 Rogers Centre, Toronto
Week 17 – Vs. Ottawa Oct 17/2014 Tim Horton's Field, Hamilton
Week 18 – @ Toronto Oct 25/2014 Roger's Centre, Toronto
Week 19 – @ Ottawa Oct 31/2014 TD Field, Ottawa
Week 20 – Vs. Montreal Nov 8/2014 Tim Horton's Field, Hamilton

Cat Fans, Lets Cheer on Our Tiger-Cats to victory and Win the East Division.

Michael is watching, along with Al Bruno, Pig Skin Pete and the many great Tiger-Cat legends and Fans of this Great, storied franchise of the CFL.


Good post Bigcat,
I could only make 2 of the last 5, but you bet I will bring the noise and wake up my section.
Lets go TiCat fans, it's GO time :rockin:

A very doable 4-1 in these last five gives us a 10-8 record that was a pipe dream only a short time ago. Cue the "only in the CFL" cliche, but true. :lol:

Go 'Cats

I sure hope we get to see the new back from the Colts play some. Has anybody seen him at practice and how is he looking. :slight_smile:

Practices at THF are not open to the public as the stadium is still a construction site. It’s pretty hard to see much from the perimiter fence.

Week 16 – @ Toronto likely lose to the Arhols :x
Week 17 – Vs. Ottawa. Crush the BUMCRACKS
Week 18 – @ Toronto Crush the Arhols
Week 19 – @ Ottawa Crush the BUMCRACKS
Week 20 – Vs. Montreal CRUSH la Nana's

Week 16 – @ Toronto Win 24 - 17
Week 17 – Vs. Ottawa. Win 20 - 10
Week 18 – @ Toronto Win 37 - 27
Week 19 – @ Ottawa Win 44 - 14
Week 20 – Vs. Montreal Win 10 - 9