Five Games in a Week?

I like this past CFL week were one team the Argo's played 2 games within five days to make the schedule more filled with games throughout the week, the CFL should do this on a regular basis throughout the year with every team taking their turn and playing in the five games per week system instead of the current four?

This system just makes the small CFL League that much more interesting having the extra game played per week and can stretch out the TV and media schedule better. I'm not sold yet on the idea of a Tuesday night game but certainly from Wednesday or Thursday nights through the Weekend in the summer months it could be interesting to see, maybe a game on Thursday nights, followed by a double header two games on Friday night Football, than one on Saturday and one on Sunday night to fill the week.

The Argos came off of a bye week then had the Tuesday game 4 days rest and then played on Sunday.
Ottawa NOT coming off of a bye week will play this Sunday and also have 4 days rest and play on Friday night and no bye week after either. Seems like everyone is so concerned about the Argos :roll:

In my opinion they should play football twice a week, afterall the offenses this year are only playing about 15 minutes a game, they are well rested!!

OK so you want a team to play Thursday night and play another game Sunday - likely against a team that hasn't played in a week. Are you kidding? If the league tried to squeeze five games in every Wednesday or Thursday through Sunday the sked would look something like this.

Wednesday or Thursday - Montreal at Ottawa
Friday - Hamilton @ Toronto followed by Calgary @ BC
Saturday - Winnipeg at Edmonton
Sunday - Riders @ Ottawa (Ottawa playing on 2 or 3 days rest against a team that has been off since the previous weekend)

And you think we see some bad one sided games now. Most Sunday games would be much like the last two Argos game - where the well rested team ran away with the game in the 4th quarter.

No thanks!

As long as the divisions are unbalanced like this (not even talking about the on-field lack of parity), I think this will be the new normal for a while until the league gets to a 10th team....hopefully not back to 8.

They could avoid it by extending the number of weeks in the season as well, but that'd mean weeks with fewer games rather than more.

With games being painfully long, filled with penalties, one-sided and for the most part boring this season, I might be in favour of teams playing every other week :x

I’m not seeing where the OP showed concern for the Argos playing twice in one week.
I’m not seeing where the OP showed concern for ANY team playing in one week.

From what are you drawing your conclusion??

Exactly, get a 10nth team going, Wow how tough is that in Canada, they have only been trying to get a team into Atlantic Canada now for over 40 years like Halifax with guys like J.I. Albrecht and so on now unfortunately passed on just like the fading dream of a 10nth team.

This is just the complicated scheduling that needs to be made for the 9 team set up.
Reason why the push for a 10th team is much bigger now then ever before. Sure there were lots of years from the begining of the modern CFL era in the 50's through the first demise of a Montreal team in the 80's bringing the league to an even 8.
A lot different now with focus on having proper amount of days off for player safety.
Also the CFL already has a schedule formula that has clubs playing on Thur thru Sunday having each game being on TV with no others playing at the same time.
The THur night game is a product of a Prime time night for summer TV along with Summer weekend activities for fans.
Friday Night Football was the invention of TSN for a signature weekend day for TSN's Friday night football with NCAA and NFL the other big time football Televised in North America in the Fall.
Now whether the THUR night game sticks in the long run will depend on ratings.
Montreal was a club that played a big summer home schedule on THUR in the summer than moving to Suday 1:00 starts post Labor day. But the Als have abondoned the Thur nights.
The Bombers seem to have the load of Thur summer home games will the club agree to that in the future will depend on them.
Friday Night doubleheaders are appearing more and more as they pump the Friday Night Football as the signature league night.
Everyone now the clubs, owners, players, coaches, TSN, etc. all see the need now for a 10th franchise for a lot of beneficial reason's

This past week the Sunday night Lions - Argos game got by far the best TV rating - 820,000 with the Saturday afternoon Stamps - Cats game the lowest at 490,000. Maybe summer Sunday night games should always be on the sked.