Five CFL prospects test positive for PEDs

A real good read here on the non penalty these guys get,
there is no dis-incentive to not take PED's in your last year of CIS, in fact it is beneficial to cheat.
Build up muscle mass with PED's for the combine and then stop using once drafted

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[i]"All five players have CIS eligibility remaining, but are expected to be banned from competition for four years by the CCES, effectively ending their university careers.

Despite their positive tests, all five players are still eligible to be drafted by a CFL team and could play as soon as this season. Defensive tackle Quinn Smith tested positive for stanozolol during the 2014 CFL Combine but he was nonetheless drafted seventh overall by the Calgary Stampeders and played in 11 games last season.

According the CFL’s drug policy, a CIS player who tests positive for a banned substance enters the league with a first violation, which subjects him to mandatory testing. A second positive test results in a three-game suspension."[/i]

"Draft stock doesn't seem all that affected by these tests, either; sure, Smith might have gone higher without that test, but he was still taken in the first round despite it. Yes, a second offence will trigger a three-game suspension, so if players keep using, there are consequences. Moreover, while the CIS penalties are harsher, often resulting in multi-year suspensions, much of the drug testing of football players at the CIS level happens at the combines. A essentially-free first strike might mean that players are incentivized to take steroids to build muscles during their time in CIS (particularly during their final season), then apologize and stop once they get caught."

"All of the five players involved this year have reportedly accepted the results of the test. They've also e-mailed CFL teams to apologize for them, saying they took these drugs unintentionally through supplements.

"Does anybody actually buy the "I didn't read the label" excuse anymore? Is the CIS or CFL really that naive"