Five best Alouettes of modern era

To celebrate the 10th birthday of the "new Alouettes", the Montreal Gazette published an article this week in which they named who were, according to them, the best five all-around players the Als had since reappearing:

5 - Uzuma Okeke (LT)

4 - Barron Miles (S)

3 - Ben Cahoon (SB)

2 - Anthony Calvillo (QB)

1 - Mike Pringle (HB)

Agree? Disagree? Who would you have picked?

I found the list quite interesting. No argument over Calvillo, Pringle, Cahoon or Miles. But Okeke? It's hard to pick and choose from the Als' O-line because they're just a cohesive, disciplined unit. I like Okeke a lot, but I'd have been inclined to give the nod to Brian Chiu.

I thought of Brian Chiu before Okeke too!

Me too

Mondren Era? third? that started for the CFL and all it's teams in 1958 to present.

Sorry, mate, but I really disagree with that title.

Sorry, been a long day.


Kanga-Kucha, I think the writer defined 'modern era' as starting with the return of the franchise to Montreal in '96.

I should have said contemporary era, but I did not expect Kanga-Kucha to play finesse with the wording. :wink:

I don't have a problem with either Okeke or Chiu, they have both won the most outstanding O-line man of the year and have been excellent for years.