Fitting last game!

Funny how there is nothing to do in Winnipeg when the MTS Centre alone is in the top ten in North American for events. This guy is laughable.

He is just jealous, his city has no NHL team, they don't support the AHL, we out drew them in that league as well. They can't draw fans to the ticat games, their new stadium is embarrassing .He is just bitter, that his city can't stack up.

It's always astonishing when guys feel like they can run and troll around when:

  1. their QB throws over 40 TD passes during the season and they still finish as the last place team, beaten out in the standings by a team that threw only 16 collectively between 3 QBs (oh and before you whine about how the teams had an even record for the season, bombers won the season series 2 games to 1, outscored your team 84-65)
  2. when the bombers stadium debacle going back to the early stages with asper to where it is now is made to look like a well oiled machine compared to the disaster that was their own stadium decision making process, and who are only getting a new stadium thanks to the Pan Am games
  3. who, after a year plus of planning, still have not found anywhere or anybody to take them in next season, poor kitties

If you wanna talk football, by all means, if you want to talk smack, keep it in your own forum when you debate all that's wrong with the Ticats.

Great zinger, wolverine !!

Your new stadium still isnt finised, is there going to be a 3rd final game at Canad Inn Stadium ?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Turfs in, seats are in, washrooms are about done, toss in a few beer vendors and we're ready to go. But nice try on the deflection avoiding the point that your team has no home at all for next year, not even an old delapitated Ivor Wynne. For as long as it took your guys to be forced to keep the stadium at the current location as opposed to any location the team wanted like the west harbour or railyards or that spot by the highway, it wouldn't surprise me if Ottawa is in their stadium before you are. And if it wasn't for Pan Am, you'd still be forced to overpay for tickets at that dump and not getting a new stadium. Seriously, you were being handed money for that stadium and you almost blew it, it took a last minute decision to stick it in the current location. And you're so awesome that the pan am committee dropped hamilton form hosting 5 different events down to only just soccer. Just for the record, Winnipeg has hosted the PanAm games itself TWICE and hasn't had to rely on another city to give it some scraps from the event list. And seriously, you want to brag that you pay more to go watch that team in that stadium? Good grief, you're either delusional or high or both, and seriously not worth anyone's further effort to read your unintelligent posts. BTW, if your homeless team ended up playing their home games here because no one else wanted them, the football fans here are so awesome that we'd probably still sell more seats than you do.

Your so jealous, can't blame you. You have nothing in Hamilton. Had to wait for a hand out to get a crappy stadium built, which as of yet isn't being built yet and you guys have no where else to play. Have fun next year, with that joke of a franchise, which you would have lost if not for Bob Young.

Sounds like i hit a soft spot with the stadium not being ready ! I also heard Winnipeg fans are disgruntled about not getting the same location of seats they wanted in the new stadium and the location being on the outer edge of Winnipeg with nothing around there and only 2 roads in and out !! Sounds like a logistical night mare! Well i guess they can use those unused school buses !! Discuss ??

It's all good, can't wait for our first home game in our new stadium. Have fun where ever your playing ? Nice try on trolling,kid !You lose again, your good at that at least. I can see that comes natural to you.

Well i had enough of you guys, no challenge ! I'm going over to the Argos forum,! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, go to another forum where you will feel more at home, where their is barely any fan support. Funny thing is, you didn't dispute anything in response to your trolling, very cowardly. But if the Ticats still need a place to play next year, as Mcmaster has said no to you guys. We have a IKEA parking lot you could use after store hours !