Fitting last game!

Game starts typical for the season, behind early (10-0). Defense starts to play, offense puts together some drives, and we end up beating Montreal at their own game, and beating them up on the field. Washington (how was that game MJ?) and Hefney made Richardson & Green their female dogs. Dirty hit by Hebert, but I expect nothing less from Montreal. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Montreal has been one of the dirtiest teams in the league for a long time now.
Shame on you to anyone who wanted to lose this game to get first pick. there is no better way to close the stadium out!

By the way - that show by Guy today might just have been the worst return game I have EVER seen. Brutal.

26,907, :thdn:
Hall of Fame Game, Last Game at Canad Inns Stadium ! Milt Stegal and Tyrone Jones (posthumously) Day !
Great Weather Day ! Fighting for 1st Round Draft Pick (2013) Day !

A Hamilton fan bringing up attendance ! :roll: We out draw you every year, our new stadium has capacity of over 30 000 . Your garbage stadium that is being built isn't even at 25 000, capacity. We were 2000 short of a sellout, not great, but better than Hamilton,s average. We have sold out our stadium consistantly,even with awful teams. Worry about your market in Southern Ontario , which has pathetic fan support.

...I liked the look of Goltz....Defence played well after the first quarter......I guess when it comes down to it ..first pick, second pick....little difference, especially with the cats needing different talent for their team...I just hope we don't go off the board again and we take the best talent available.....Saying goodbyes to the ol stadium definitely needed to be said with a win...So long ol friend.. :thup:

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Just like Montreal where they average 23,000 but ticket prices are almost double so its like getting 43,000 revenue !! So you could averave 26,000 but if ticket prices are lower and freebies are given out, your average means nothing !!

Not to many freebies giving out in Winnipeg. Way more freebies in southern Ontario. not even comparable, the Bombers will make money this year. We had 6 sellouts this year.It's great Hamilton has increased season ticket base, but not even close to SK or Winnipeg. Your small stadium is proof of what expectations are in Hamilton. Our new stadium has 10 000 more seats than Hamilton's new stadium, this will put Winnipeg in a different class compared to Hamilton.

Well we Sold out our last game at IWS in the pooring rain. And you guys didnt with great weather, I guess like that old saying goes your as good as your last attendance !!

Oh, By the way you only had 4 sell outs.

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And the Tiger-Cats had 2 sell outs and averaged almost 26,000 !

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Pretty Close if you ask me !!
And dont worry about our Stadium, at least it will be done on time !!

Black and gold, the colors of the basement. Bring back some of your friends, I need a good laugh.

You guys were in a play off race all year, we were out of it by our first home game and still sold out the stadium on numerous occasions. I rather wait a extra year and be proud of our new stadium . Nobody saying great things about Hamilton’s new stadium. Even your fans don’t like the design.

Team that was terrible almost the entire year and had already had a last game in the stadium the year before. Nothing wrong with that attendance figure.

Especially when Winnipeg is a bright spot for attendance in this league, compared to the other 3 teams in the east, that can't draw 25 000 consistantly . We averaged 27981,compared to 25722. If we had Burris , we probably sellout out all 9. Watching two young QB,S try to find there way in the CFL was trying at times. Hamilton had 5 games this year where they couldn't draw 25k.

LOL, OH Brother, Dont quit your day job :roll: I can only imagine what that is :lol:

Edmonton is in a mess, lucky they made the playoffs. Argos don't know which team will show up game to game even with Ricky at the helm. Hamilton got a #1 QB and still didn't make the playoffs....The Bombers don't look so bad now !

Hamilton also had the great Fantuz, :smiley: who was brutal, so many drops and fumbles.Hamilton fans are fickle and their new and small stadium that they bought at wallmart, reflects what Hamilton expects from their fan base.
Edmonton still leads the league in attendance, but i was at game this year in Edmonton, zero atmosphere and their was 43 000 , at the game. Commonwealth is to big, Edmonton could use a new stadium,something like Wpg and SK.

In cities where the entertainment dollor goes futher like Montreal, Hamilton and now Ottawa, the CFL stadium model is around 25,000 with room to expand for the bigger games. In smaller markets, like Sask, they can have a slightly bigger stadium because its the only game in town ! Toronto, Edmonton and BC would love a more intimate stadium, like you said the Bigger stadium loses its atmosphere, and Winnipeg will find that out after the novelty wears off the new stadium and there are only 25,000 sitting in the shade freezing their butts off with all those empty seats :wink:

....Freezing in the shade.... :lol: :lol: ..That'll be pretty hard to do in 25 degree celsius weather...Don't be bloody ridiculous...AND like someone suggested, fix your own attendence record before you address ours :wink:

We have NHL hockey ,pro baseball and we still out draw Hamilton year after year. Toronto and Montreal are big enough to get 30 000 consistantly. Love all the excuses from a Hamilton fan. We sold out our stadium before the new stadium was announced and sold it out with awful teams. We have real fans here, unlike southern Ontario. Our new stadium will be sold out for a long time ,doesn't matter where we play, real fans go to the games.

Here we go again with the "there's more to do in the big city" argument. Stats show that southern Ont. has great TV numbers, watching the CFL, consistently. If true, then it shows that the fans aren't at the GAME, they aren't in some theatre watching the 100th remake of Robin Hood, they aren't at the museum, they aren't at the Blue Jays, Raptors, or some soccer teams' game. They are at home watching. Sooo much else to do doesn't hold water.