another activity I don't think of as sport.

I have long been bothered by the catch and release fishing. I Don't find that very sporting at all.

How can any decent person who cares about the suffering of people and animals be ok doing this?

baby shark, or really huge bird?

Never liked fishing. I find it so boring.

How about fake fishing.

put a button on the end of a string and cats it in the water and then lean back and read a book.

There fixed it for ya.

I enjoy the fishing down here in Florida. I liked it up there too.
I like the variety of things to catch ...
Stingrays put up a surprisingly good fight

Assuming fish have the same brain capacity as humans, I would then agree with you.

However - they don't.

You've never had a marlin or big tuna hit your line. That's anything but boring.