Fishing or Football

Ok, given we've a few days to go before the next game and the QB threads are getting repetitive - how about something completely different:

Which Pro sport goes best with Fishing?

(Don't forget to tell us what style of fishing, and what you are fishing for. Eg: Ice fishing for Perch.)

having just returned from a week of walleye fishing i say the best sport is beer!(Bob,are you on a well deserved vacation? you seem to be spending it like me,on the computer)

the off season fits better

How about fishing for a new QB. Sorry.

I often find myself fishing for my own golf balls.

Priceless. And a shared experience....

Baseball it as Boaring as Fishing :LOL:

ping pong

Where's the Beer Drinking and Fishing option?

Beer Drinking is a National Sport here in Canada


I'd say baseball and fishing. A hot summer afternoon on a lake, fishing for bass or walleye, the ball game on low in the background. Neither the game nor the fishing is really enough to force you to concentrate too hard, you can just enjoy the sun and a cool drink.

I'm going to northern Manitoba today for a week of fishing with my brotehr in law and a couple of other guys. Good luck to the Ticats this weekend! I hope we win and Jason plays great.

I have to agree, baseball is the best pro sport to listen to while fishing. You don`t have to listen too closely to picture a baseball play.

ps: the BEST fishing is when you don`t have any bait on your line, and you have a cold case of beer beside you on the dock...

Trout fishing and the TiCats, thats as good as it gets. :smiley: :thup:

I picked Baseball cause outfielders have nothing better to do :stuck_out_tongue: imho Football goes with Hunting as demonstrated by the rabbit last game :cowboy:

What about fishing and horse shoes pratice with Maases ears?