Fishing in BC or Edmonton?

With those 2 teams having horrible seasons so far, they will probably start cleaning house. Is there any players one those 2 teams we would be interested in picking up? How about getting Keron back. I dont think Geroy is happy there anymore. What do u guys think?

I would like to see Baron Miles come back in a coaching capacity. :wink:

How about bringing Aaron Fiaconni back, it Lambert cant do the job maybe Fiaconni can? How about Prefontaine kicking our field goals and let Duval punt? Help me out here, who can we pick up in Edmonton that can help us right away.

I think Keron would help out with a more sustained rush on the D-line. BUTis his job on the line?

Eskies just got another but kicking. Ill say it again, Fiacconni could come cheap to replace Lambert at center. Anyone else we can pick up, that can help us now?

Wally a dit de Willliams : "Le meilleur est à venir. Disons-le comme ça, le meilleur est à venir."

Il n'est pas heureux du rendement de Williams, mais il va le garder parce que ses solutions de rechange sont pires.

Hey Mike i know you live in Montreal and don't know whats really happening in BC. Two years ago BC had a team that had 17 players over the age of 30 and over. So since that time Wally has cleaned house or more or less rebuilding . We don't have the offensive line the last couple of years or the defensive backs.
Maybe you haven't notice but we have Mr. Miles as our defensive back coach and is no longer a player.
Would any Veteran player be happy seeing their team being 1-7 in the first half of the season? But it doesn't mean he's isn't happy playing for Team. Geroy once stated were not used to this!! These young guys need to learn that this is not acceptable...They don't know what it was like to win!!!