Fish may start on Saturday

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Drew Edwards thinks Reggie Fish will get his first start of the season with Matt Carter being injured.

I assume he'll be on kickoff returns with Thigpen as well.

Does that make him a catfish ?

Maybe we should try to get all the puns out at once and be done with it.

There's something fishy about this move.

They had a choice to make when Carter went down, and they chose to start Fish and cut Bait.

First game in the CFL, he might be like a fish out of water.

Do you smell Fish?

Fish and Chip are having none of that.

Kevin got to feed the Fish !

He might get some good kick returns by cutting back and going against the current, if he can get through the net the coverage team throws in his way.

I was talking to Reggie on Wensday he is pumped to get a start! I have watched this guy in camp and every practice this year! He gives 110% each and everytime he is on the field! I cant wait to see him in a Game!
Hook, line and sinker, this Fish is the Real Deal. :rockin:

With Carter out and Fish in, Long gone and Baggs on (46-man roster), Reid would be the only backup DL dressing. And, one NIP, who didn't dress last week, will have to be active. The only choices available are DeWit, Morencie, MacKay and Steele.
The Reserves would likely be three from last week -- Smith, Gibbs and Ike Brown -- plus Baggs. Unless they decide to dress Smith or Gibbs to take the backup position Long occupied last week. Then, another IMP would have to sit and that would most likely be James.

In the thoughts above, I didn't include Hudson guessing that he's still injured. If not, he'd be the NIP addition.
Anyone know how serious his injury is?

Good to see Reggie might get a start, I hope he's not a flop.......FISH POWER :thup: :smiley:

And as long as he outperforms Mann and Bauman. We can't afford any more catch and release guys.

I’ll bet his favourite pattern is a hook route.

lol the best pun so far. :lol:

Wish I could take credit for it. But it was actually from a guy at work who is known for his real groaners. I particularly liked it as well and felt it needed to be posted.

I'll pass on your comment. (Or maybe I shouldn't. It'll only encourage him.)

Can probably go deep too.

Hope Reggie gives BC's secondary boat-loads of trouble.

You guys are like a bunch of high school teens making fun of the new guy's name.

yes but you took the bait, hook line and sinker!!

Fish will sink or swim tomorrow.

I have to say.. that was actually funny :slight_smile:

Reggie Fisher is an 'as quick-as-a-cat "waterbug".

He is much quicker and faster than Pinball was.

He has the potential to be a exciting as Pinball.

I totally agree and most would if they saw him at practice! This is what ive been waiting for since I saw him at Camp!