First year coaches winning the Grey Cup

I got a question, since this is Kent Austin's first year as being a head coach I'm hoping that someone in this forum can tell me how many rookie head coaches won the Grey Cup.

Lets count backwards...


thats all I got.


....what will be kinda interesting is to see how Austin fares in his second year as compared to Dancin' Danny....beware the sophomore jinx.... meanwhile i think that's as far away as possible in Kents mind....he's still celebrating this Cup win.. :wink:

Adam Rita '91

I think Austin is a little better at coaching than Danny...

Chipmunk didn't count, IIRC, he took over part way into the season in 05, unlike Austin who really did it all.

Danny Maciocia Forever!!!

how many major contributers to the teams success did austin add to the team that barrett built? This team was already a good one when he stepped in. It was just a matter of time.

Disagree......wasn't Maciocia promoted in the offseason? I seem to recall that when Higgins was shown the door at the end of the previous season, Edmonton considered both Maciocia and Marshall, and settled on Maciocia, so he coached his entire first season.

I do stand to be corrected, if someone cares to....

I believe you are correct Madjack. Danny Maciocia took over a Grey Cup contending team and won the Grey Cup, was praised a hero... and then went on to two seasons of missing the playoffs, thus ending a 34 year streak. And FootballYouBet, as for Austin just taking over a good team that DB and Shivers built.... in the offseason we lost two of our best DBs, arguably the best running back in the league, Nate Davis, Andrew Greene. Add to that the addition of DJ Flick, Wes Cates, Corey Holmes, Yo Murphy (added by Tillman near the end of last season) and several others... this team was very different from the one we had last year. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year, but Austin would hear nothing of it. Having a new team did not excuse losing in Austin's world and because of it we won!! To even imply that he was not outstanding this year is ludacris!! Next year will tell whether or not he IS a great coach with longevity, but there is no denying that he WAS a great coach this year. As an aside, I sure picked the wrong year to be away for school... but I found a guy who got a US station that picked up the game and actually got to watch the Grey Cup.

Go Riders!!

Chief....I'm surprised to hear that from you. :wink:

Actually Austin will be pressed to win Coach of The Year from Machocia. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Yup, be corrected... :slight_smile:

Well, when Austin takes his team to the Cup, and Danny sends us deeper into the gutter... :lol:

I did quite a bit of leg work to figure this out, so here goes...

Steve Burrato came in half way through '00 after Mohns bolted for the (hehe... XFL), if you want to count him.

Marv Levy won in his first year in Montreal in '73.

Sam Etcheverry won a cup in his first year coaching in Montreal in '70.

Ralph Sazio won in his first year in hamilton in '63.

Jim Trimble won in his first year in Hamilton in '57, but coached in the NFL previously.

OK this is what I got so far from all the replies on this post:

Kent Austin - 2007
Danny Maciocia - 2005
Adam Rita - 1991
Steve Burrato - 2000
Marv Levy - 1973
Sam Etcheverry - 1970
Ralph Sazio - 1963
Jim Trimble - 1957

Anybody else missing from this list?

Sorry, forgot Rita in '91. Being a Ticat fan, I tend to ignore the Argos!

I didn't include Machoochoo and Austin as they had already been mentioned.