first woman to ever get a college football scholarship

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Kicker Becca Longo signed a scholarship with Adams State in Colorado, and she became the first female known to sign a football scholarship at the Division I or II level. Longo will also play basketball for the school.
Not CFL....but I thought it was a pretty cool story

Not saying there was any favouritism because she's a girl, but I wonder how many high school kickers who had one FG attempt in Grade 12 got a college scholarship? :wink:

She also said she feels good from 40 yards and in.
That alone got my attention :P

Seriously not the first girl to kick the school wants to pay her way let them…they probably ran out of the basketball scholarships and got her in that way

Well, she was 35/38 in converts…that is actually well above average. I look at some of the college team track records on converts and she is an improvement for several schools with good programs.

I tend to think that if she was not a muli sport athlete that it may not have happened though. This surely equates to some sort of split in scholarship or favors the basketball as they don’t get the same dollars to delve out in that.

Her high school team may not have attempted any FGs except that one. But it’s good marketing and put this Div 2 college on the map, their attendance will probably go up. If she can hit everything under 40 yards that’s pretty good.

So Katie Hnida wasn't on scholarship?

She's the one that transferred from Colorado to New Mexico after some sort of sexual harassment incident.

She never got in a game at Colorado.

New Mexico finally rolled her out there for an extra point at the end of a Bowl Game blowout in the final contest of her senior year, and she beefed it.

Here is a Girl kicking story with a CFL flavour

Rachel Homan rink just won the Womens World Curling Championship

ESK's kicker Sean Whyte is an avid Curling fan

[i]Whyte met Team Homan after what he thought was just a bit of a gag interview he gave while playing with the Montreal Alouettes four years ago. In that interview, he was told to throw a rink together consisting of football players, and to choose who he wanted to play. He chose Homan and didn’t give it another serious thought. He was surprised when she later messaged him and asked him to not only throw stones, but to kick field goals with her. Homan, he says, surprised him again when they took to a field in Ottawa to split some uprights.

Whyte decided to spice things up with a little wager for drinks, he says, and bet Homan “whatever field goal you make, I have to make it from double (the distance).?

“The girl goes out there and makes a 45-yard field goal,? Whyte says with what seems a mixture of righteous indignation and respect. “I think it was her second try, she made a 45-yarder. Later on, she tells me she was a soccer player,? he laughs.

Those who know Homan well speak of her competitive nature in all sports. Those who don’t know her can obviously see that nature leap off a TV screen as she stares down the ice with a steely gaze of concentration before she shoots. Whyte’s friendship with Homan provides some insight that might be surprising to those who believe Scotties champions do not ever feel any doubt.

“When we first became friends we were talking and she said ‘I wish I didn’t ever get nervous. There’s gotta be a way to defeat that.’ I’m like what? Then you wouldn’t be human. It just doesn’t work that way.?[/i]

Pretty cool story, Fully as hell that she didn’t just walk up for a chip shot, but showed him up right away lol

Doesn’t sound like it no.

Would anyone really be shocked if a woman made a hockey, baseball, football or basketball professional team at its highest league in the next 25 years?