first weeks pre season games

I find it interesting that all 5 games so far pretty much went as we would expect them to go in reg season. Not just the wins, but the scores. Usually this is not the case with coaches going more for evaluation than the win.

I really thought Ottawa was going to do better, but it just goes to show you how badly they need a good offensive line and a better defense even if that means getting some from the south.

I don't think it's a matter of going for the win over evaluating players. I think it's just that some teams are stronger and have more depth than others, so the players being evaluated on those teams are more ready to play than their opposition. This was very evident in the two RedBlacks games - both Hamilton and Montreal played their "who the heck is that" players for most of the game, and still dominated.

Does anyone know if the lions/ esks game is being broadcast or streamed anywhere.

It's being streamed on TSN.

Don't know about the Lions but here is the Link for the Riders Live Stream.

Hope you enjoy the game.

Thanks. I really don't care who's playing just starving for some football :thup: