I'm sure that BC will have higher overall attendance this year than last year. The Lions have had steadily increasing attendance since Wally Buono came to town. (I still have nightmares about sitting in BC Place with only 12,000 other fans - and that was a good night!)

And I'm sure that the Argos game will be the highest attended of the season here in Vancouver. A few people I've spoken to want to go to see Ricky Williams

Ratings and attendances always seem to start off low early in the season. Just wait till the world cup is over, and look for big pickup around labour day.

I remember those nightmares too! Wearing a paper bag while Murray Pezim brought in the trash!

1994- North America
1998 - Europe
2002- Asia
2006- Europe
2010- Africa
2014- Best chance to have it close to North America
(Somewhere in South America would be my guess)
I'm planning on attending some games if my theory does come true.

It would be cool if Canada hosted it. Dont worry about attendance, remember, there will be enough people coming from around the world to fill the empty seats.

There are 6 stadiums too.
-Ivor Wynne
-Rogers Centre
-future stadium for Toronto FC (if we got them it would only be after it was built)
-Frank Clair
-Molson Stadium
-Olympic Stadium

So thats 6 stadiums. (20K, 20K, 30K, 30K, 53K, 60K) That should be enough. They only play 3 games a day.

Don't worry thats not too far to travel, right now in Germany they are all over the country.

Plus, hosting the country, our team would get to play. It would make Canadian history just by scoring.

An argument could be made that hosting it would boost soccer's poularity.

uhhhh sportyguy, you're gonna tick off alot of soccer enthusists by leaving out the (un?)official home field of Canadian international soccer: Commonwealth Stadium. If there's any place that should host a portion of a Canada-hosted World Cup, if not the final game itself, it has to be in Edmonton.

one would hope that Winnipeg would get a piece of the action, and maybe a few non CFL cities too, like Saskatoon, Victoria, Halifax, etc.

Yup, Commonwealth. Probably the most important stadium if the world cup were held in Canda. How could you miss it, sportyguy? :smiley:

yeah, got to give Commonweath the final game, great stadium.

but if Winnipeg has the new stadium built, except a run for your money for the last game Edmonton MUHHAHAHA! :cowboy:

Winnipeg hosting the final game? Now that's one of the dumbest things.. oh wait. Forgot the author.

But seriously, if Winnipeg was fortunate enough to get that "new stadium" built (unless the shovels have gone into the ground, I still consider any new stadium a pipe dream), they might snag a few games. If their lucky, maybe a round of 16 or quarter-final. But Edmonton's pretty much a lock for any soccer final.

I think the new stadium if it’s build would GIVE EDMONTON A RUN FOR IT’S MONEY, weather they would get it is another story, you would have a better chance at getting heads on a coin toss.

Quite Frankly, IF Canada gets the World Cup, I would be happy as heck to see any games in WPG or in Saskatoon, and any non CFL city.

Toronto, the East, and the other CFL cities would get games, more than non ones, but if the non ones get a game, they would be happy as I would be.

If memory serves me right, when Canada hosted that U-20 Women's tourney a few years back, the stadiums they used were Hamilton, Ottawa, Edmonton, maybe Montréal's Mcgill, can't remember if Toronto's Varsity was still around, I think Victoria, and Burnaby's Swangard which is in suburban Vancouver (and where the USL's Whitecaps play).

I love your sweeping statements!

You surveyed all the people who didn't show up (7,934) and 98% said it was because of the rain and only 2% said they were watching the Oilers.

Where do you find the time?

out of the non CFL cites, I feel that these cities should host a game of the world cup if it comes to Canada.

  1. Victoria
  2. Saskatoon (only city in Saskatchewan to host, Regina can focus on the CFL)
  3. Thunder Bay (I think they have a small indoor Stadium)
  4. Quebec City
  5. Halifax
  6. St. John's, Newfoundland (they might get some action if the Commonwealth Games go to Halifax)

It didn't really help the U.S. Soccer program. After hosting the '94 WC, it spawned a new outdoor league, but to this day attendance is terrible,the players don't get paid that much, and you really have to look hard to find it on T.V.

Traveling to Winnipeg and farther west, and east of montreal might be too far of a distance is what I was thinking. Germany uses the whole country but Canada has way more land.

Maybe it wouldn't be too far to travel, but I thought it would.

Oh, well it was just a thought.

So why did both EDMONTON and CALGARY want to move this game , before the weather came? :wink:

The Stamps delayed the game in the hopes of more fans showing up. Not because of the supposed severe lightning.

Stamp fans are quintessential fair wheather fans.

.....lies, lies, lies......but that's an edmonton fan for ya....