Here is my weekly start of latest TV ratings:

  1. Hockey, Saturday CBC 3.141M(down 25%, no kidding its June)
    2 - 5. World Cup Soccer, Sat & Sunday
    High of 687,000 to low of 496,000
  2. Golf(not a sport) US open, Sunday TSN 436,000
    7 - 8. World Cup Soccer, gggggoaaaaalllll
    414,000 & 400,000
  3. CFL, Ticats-Argos CBC 394,000
  4. Baseball, Crap Jays-Fla(boooring) Friday Sportsnet 392,000

well it's the World Cup, only happens in 4 years.

hope that their will be no trouble if the World Cup ever comes to Canada, it's a pipe dream, but one you can't ignore.

Maybe some non CFL cities can have a shot at hosting a few games.

KK not a chance of that happening. Let me qualify that, there is a better chance in the World Cup coming to Canada then the No Fun League.

there's a better chance than of it happening than the NFL coming.

If America got it, Canada could do it too, IMO.

But I really couldn't careless if Canada, Australia, etc. got it. If they did, I might go to it, but like a said, it's a pipe dream.

Ottawa or Baltimore landing the Grey Cup w/o a team has a better chance of that happening.

Never in our lifetimes will the World Cup come to Canada or the US.. there are hundreds of countries which live for soccer on this earth, why in god's name would FIFA choose to bring the world's greatest sporting event to one of the two countries that don't?

three counties, it not very popular in Australia either.

Although I respect it more now thanks to Super Mario Strikers, I still think it's a bad sport, that goal is just way too big.

Plus, the US already had the World Cup a few years ago and it was I recall a success, with many sellouts.
Like it or not and despite what the Americans trumpet with their ridiculous World Champion nonsense, and don't start me on that, Soccer is the only world wide sport played by virtally everyone.

the only reason I bought it up cuz I would do any thing to make Canada a great nation worldwide.

A success in soccer by American standards is not the same thing as a success in soccer by German standards (just as an example) the only reason the World Cup ever went to the States was massive political pressure, and I just can't see it happening again.

Did they not have it in Los Angles in 1994? I am sure they did!

The FIFA World Cup in 1994 was held in various U.S. cities. The locales were: Chicago (hosted the tourney opener)
The Meadowlands in New Jersey (they claimed that to be New York)
Foxboro (allegedly Boston)
Washington, D.C.
Detroit (the first time a World Cup game was held indoors -- Pontiac Silverdome)
Orlando (I think)
Palo Alto, California (Stanford Stadium, outside of San Francisco), and
Pasadena, California (Rose Bowl, near Los Angeles, and hosted the final where Brazil def. Italy)

I thought so I was in LA at the time! Was not sure of the format of the other cities. Many crazed soccer fans all over the place!

The ratings and attendence were low for the CFL and not just in TORONTO . But it does prove that there is allot of compitition in this sports market. Just as there was in CALGARY ,[OILERS , game].

The WORLD CUP , the U.S. Open , and HOCKEY [Stanley Cup Final , with a Canadian team]. Things will get allot better , when the WORLD CUP , is over.

At least we beat the JAYS , again. :thup:

HT, The Oilers game had little effect on attendance Friday at McMahon. The problem was the very bad electrical storm and heavy rain for the second week in a row to effect the game. There was a half hour delay to the game and the stadium had no power for 15 minutes prior to the decision to delay it.

That's what you get for staging a game in the area of Alberta called "Hail Storm Alley"

That honor goes to Red Deer

How do you know that the Oilers game had little effect on attendence , as well?

Both TORONTO and CALGARY had their reasons , but TORONTO still had the CFL's highest attendence.

CALGARY had a 9,000 seat drop from last year , and the ARGOS have more than in B.C. :wink:

Actually , I have been defending CALGARY in earlier posts.

No problem but remember not many fans in the City converted to Oil for the Stanely Cup playoffs. The weather was the factor in this situation. They had over 25,900 seats sold and many did not make it to the stadium to watch the game. I would say the crowd was around 18,000 and by fourth quarter it dropped dramatically. The Stamps get many walk ups for their games as well. When you see the storm that came in many stayed home thinking they could catch it on TV. This game was blacked out but many did not know that. They actually showed the last 10 mintues on TV.
Have you been at McMahon when a storm comes from the northwest. The temps drop very fast also the week before only 7900 fans went to the game because of similar weather.

Actually , I have been to a game in CALGARY and it was raining. Had allot of fun. Much better than the ROGERS CENTER.

But each team [except Montreal had disappointing attendence and T.V. ratings]

Lets hope that this isn't a trend. I don't think it is. As I have written , the CFL in summer is a hard sell in Toronto and in some other markets , like the former team in OTTAWA . HAMILTON , now seems to be fine , but I couldn't say that 3 years ago.

Lets hope that things get better for all teams including , B.C. :thup:

Hmmm, I must've lucked out then when I attended a pre-season game in Cowtown years ago. No rain on that night, if I can remember. But I do admit that McMahon Stadium is a nice facility. (sorry for the slight diversion)