I will try to do this update weekly.
Interesting numbers after week 1 for the four home games, with comparison in bracket from 05.


Toronto - 27,689 (30,712)
BC - 27,539 (27,506)
Calgary - 25,895 (34,102)
Montreal - 20,202 (20,202)

League Ave. 25,331 (27,723)

the big question is: wtf happened in toronto?....went from 30K for last years opener to 27.6K for this years?

Not bad in Calgary with the storm clouds they had over the stadium. I'd say good weather there would've made up the 3000 seat deficit.

Didn't last year's home opener in Toronto include the free ticket requests from people who attended the last home game of 2004 (when they didn't play any of their starters against Montreal)?

im not sure about that one.

but even if they did, where were the 40,000 fans that were there for last years season final against the tabbies?...or the 45,000 who were there for the playoffs against the als?

b4 i left, i said anything less than 35K is a disapointment....and they didnt even come close to that number.

im goin to the tabbies home opener on saturday...anything less than a sellout is a disapointment.

Not bad for Calgary? They had 8207 more fans last year! That's horrible!

Although...the like it or not Calgary fans, the Oilers game may have had an impact on the attendance.

What happened in CALGARY? That is a 9,000+ drop.

RAIN? This is football.
Maybe it was the OILERS game?

RELAX people , but the ARGOS and the STAMPS still got more than in , MONTREAL.

If TOTONTO and CALGARY had a MONTREAL size stadium both teams would have sold out , as well. :wink:

with attendance down all across the board this opening weekend...i wonder if the NHL final and the world cup had anything to do with it?

YA , THINK? :wink:

NHL Game 6, lightning so bad they delayed the game for nearly 40 minutes, I have nothing but praise for the 26K who sat in the stands.

I agree , and the ARGOS got more fans than in B.C. , MONTREAL , and CALGARY. :wink: :lol:

yep, the weather was a factor in Calgary and perhaps in T.O. also. 33 degree heat with high humidity, and blackout lifted for local tv. Maybe some fans decided to stay home by the a/c and watch the game on tv.

Also there may have been some "anti-Ricky" backlash in Toronto the Good. There was much negative response to his signing in many of the newspaper blogs, ect, which may have adversely affected the walkup crowd...

Will were still # 1 in CFL attendence for week 1.

Maybe the Oilers game did affect Calgary's attendance. But for the most part it was the weather. Apparantley there were some pretty severe thunderstorms(delaying the game), which could have scared away some fans.


Why are all these excuses about mediocre or less-than-hoped for attendance in Week One acceptable for Tor and Cgy, but any time adverse weather was mentioned last year as to why there weren't good crowds in Ottawa, people lamely blamed other factors such as poor fan support etc.

For anyone to offer up WC as excuse for the crowd in TO is laughable.

Are you saying that no matter how many soccer fans (Italian or otherwise) were watching the WC, that had an effect on Argos? Puleeeeze.

So it was hot and humid in Toronto. That's why crowd wasn't as high as some thought. Severe thunderstorms and torrential rain. in Calgary.

So what is "ideal" football weather and time to watch? The fall --- oh it's too cold, it might snow. The summer --- oh too many people go out of town, to cottages.

CFL cities are big enough to have 25, 30 or 40K depending on venue come out 9 times a year for a football game.

Here is my theory about Toronto and in fact the rest of the league, save and except Montreal and their what 60 odd sellouts.
Each team has played the other three weeks in a row and perhaps in some place, like Toronto and Calgary, there is a backlash. This week I see how BC is playing Sask again and Calgary at Edmonton.
And especially since teams will meet 6 times including the pre season. This is the "uknown" the league probably never factored into. With 8 teams, you can only play 7 others. Hopefully, this will not have an effect the entire season to include the traditional Labour Day Classics. Equally as important I am anxious to see the TV numbers and I will post early in the week.
The sooner we get Ottawa back plus a 10th team may be more crucial than anticipated.

p.s. As an Argo season ticket holder for many years, Jack you are correct about some freebies from 04 to 05.

So, please explain the Ricky Williams factor aka second coming of JC in Toronto. It would appear that the fans are not quite as excited as are the commentators on the CBC. Had to turn the sound off. Walby can get to you very quickly.

I think everyone needs to relax a little. Traditionally the CFL doesn't see a spike in attendance until after Labour Day. At this time of year it is always difficult to gauge the fan base as a number of facts tend to influence people's interest. In this case you have the WC, Stanley Cup and football in June. Most people will start to show for games after week two and will continue to increase as the season progress'. I think the crowds, although small, are not a reason to push the panic button.

The weather was horrendous just before the game and during the game. The temperature was low as well. Many showed up but did not last long because they were not prepared for the rapid change in the weather. Leaving for the game the sun was out and relatively warm by the time I got to the stadium the clouds were coming in very fast and it turn ugly quickly (like an Edmonton oiler bride). Lots of fair weather fans in Calgary. I do not think it had anything to do with the Oiler game. They would announce the score and the crowd would booo!

Nice excuses. Had the game been in Edmonton, even with game 6, there would have been 35,000+ and that's a guarantee.

I guess Esks fans are just more loyal.

Lame excuses.