first wave of ticat cuts

NIP WR Ivan Birungi
NIP DB Nick Burns
IMP LB Quinton Caver
IMP WR William Mayfield
IMP LB Michael Nattiel
IMP WR Kendall Newson
IMP DL Al Washington
IMP DB Terrence Wood

Perhaps the most surprising names here are Caver and Nattiel (highly touted ex-NFL LB's) and Newson (highly touted ex-NFL WR). Birungi has the physical tools, but there is a lot of competition in Hamilton's training camp for the non-import receiver spots (with the likes of Ralph, Bauman, Getzalf and Morreale also trying out for the Ticats).

Surprised about Al Washington as well. He was who we received in the Jamie Boreham trade to Saskatchewan.

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We will be loading up on Non-Import D-Lineman. That leaves Al Washington looking for work.

As well as Ian Fleming and Nick Bisaillon

I think we have to assume some of the imports (Caver as an example) didn't show the necessary hunger or conditioning. This is a compettive camp and decisions will come fast.

Washington was a throw in to give the appearance that Boreham was not simply released. There wasn't much in his pedigree that suggested he'd make the team, and as someone pointed out earlier the non import additions to our D line worsened the odds for any import DT.

The recent re-signing of import defensive tackle Devonte Peterson probably also contributed to Al Washington's early exit.

I wasn't surprised Washington was cut.I was surprised our GM traded for him!

what does nip mean

Non-Import (Not from the United States) usually Canadian.

Your brother would be considered an Import.

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Some of those guys could have injuries and that is why they were cut.

Don't Be Boreham Won't Make the Riders..
the Can't Afford to Carrie 2 or 3 Kickers