First Visit

Well done to Lions - winning last night.

I would like to say how much I enjoyed my first visit to BC Place at the game against Ottawa.

I was visiting Canada from London, England, and managed to get a good seat on the 50 yard line in the lower tier.

I would like to thank BC Lions and the majority of people who respected the moments silence before the game to remember those murdered and injured in the attacks on London on 7 July. I was very moved by it.

Now back home - and will keep up with the latest from the Lions via the internet.



Glad you enjoyed the game Ian.
Hope you get to come back for another one!

Our Prayers are with you and your Countrymen. May your country continue to be strong against these murderers!

Ian... i'm glad you came to enjoy our city and the game... hope the rest of your stay here was as good and enjoyable as the game. :smiley:

Glad you saw a game.

BC will do well this year.

glad to see some out of country ppl enjoy such a great city and a great CFL team. i think this will be a great season. and a even better team than last year.

Hey Ian. Glad you enjoyed that game and appreciated the silence.

Part of the problem with all of the crowd is that some are still coming in and don’t listen to the announcer or they are listening to radio on headsets and often they are at a commercial so that makes them oblivious to what is really going on.

When the Lion’s play near Remembrance Day that is also a nice night to be at to have the veterans entering the field and the crowd giving them a prolonged standing ovation and all ages and types of people taking part. It is especially heartwarming as many of us had relatives in one or both of the two world wars and the Korean War in the 1950s.

Just returned from BC back to Winnipeg. We took in the Argos game, very entertaining game. My kids enjoyed the Dome stadium . Bought a Lions cap for my 10 year old daughter who is now a BC lions fan. She also loves orange..heh.
Special thanks to Winston of the BC Lions office for getting us tickets.
Bob Ackels has done a superb job with the Lion's organization!!
Too bad that dome is not always sold out.Like other cities, BC has it's share of fickle fans.
Great time...go lions go!!

BC Place holds nearly 60,000 people, would be tough for any city to sell it out.

Edmonton has huge crowds because they have a team that has been winning every year for a long time. If BC stays competitive for the next 5+ years, I have no doubt that we will see 35-40k+ crowds in there every night.

i was out at the renegades game ( first home game for me in a few years) and there was somethin like 27 K at that game. here stamp fans cant fill the seats at the stadium, last night it was all green vs the riders. however i must say it was great to be in a staduim filled with orange, kinda felt like home know what i mean? i agree though, hard to fill up a stadium with 60k seatin capicity, wait til nov it will be filled. :smiley: hopeful with orange, lets hope that the last minute ban wagons sell out for fridays game vs the stampeders... it ought to be a good one