First Video challenge: Lions - Riders

Interesting challenge last night. Wally challenged a Saskatchewan catch. (Had he not, it would have been 3rd & 3). He won the challenge and the play was incomplete. It then became 3rd & 10. Congi missed the Field Goal but got a single point.

Here is my question to all you would be coaches out there: Would you make (or waste)a challenge for a seven yard difference? Did that seven yard make a difference on the angle for Congi? (We Couldn't tell we were sitting on the opposite 20 yard line). Was Wally worried about Saskatchewan gambling on 3rd & 3?

Arm Chair Coaches.....Give me your feed back!

My feedback is that Wally is a picky guy. And he wants it to be correct; no matter what.

It seems to have worked out in his favor. However, I would not have challenged the call. The field goal attempt should have been easy from either spot. There could have been a much more crucial play ni the game where a challenge may have been needed.

That was my feeling what if they try a field goal seven yards closer. What if there were more crucial calls late in the game.

Me thinks Thryllin might be onto something.....Wally's ego!

I was happy when he challenged it because honestly it was a pretty big waste if you ask me... Congi missed the FG obviously tho

Personally, I thought it was a waste of a challenge. Either way Congi was going to be kicking a high % field goal.

Yes in hindsight Congi missed the field goal, but if Austin was faced with the same decision early in the game in the future I would hope he would save the challenge.