First time to montreal

hello alouette fan's it will be my 1st time coming to montreal,aug.25,with other cat fans on the ticat fan train trip on the day of the far is it from the train station in montreal to the staduiem?i heard there is a big hill once you get off the train. and on the other side its the stadueim.or you can take a shuttle bus i heard.i also want to know if there are any good tourist attraction's in montreal.

thanks in advance

Assuming you get off the train at Bonaventure/central station. Just go out to university street and hop on the free shuttle bus. It takes you right up to the stadium.

As for tourist attractions, how much time to you have? You have
The Big O and the Biodome
The casino
Mount Royal, Where the stadium is
Old MOntreal
The Old port of Montreal
The underground city(shopping)
Saint Joseph's Oratory
LaRonde(amusement park)

This is prob easier

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Hey pottingerfan...I hope you will enjoy your stay in the city. Be sure to check out the night life downtown!

hey thank's crimson_fox,we come on the day of the game,we leave hamilton at 6:44am in the morning,get to montreal mid afternoon,grab a bite to eat,hopefully explore montreal,and take the shuttle bus,the fan train departs after the game at midnight,should be a fun time.

Check out St. Denis and St. Laurent above Prince-Arthur for some nice drinking establishments and nightlife. That's around the Mont-Royal and Sherbrooke metro stops.