First time since 04 Cats can say they're 1-0

Not sure if this dawned on people, I sure it has for quite a few but just wanted to note that we just snapped a goddamn 11 year streak of losing the opening game of the season, home or away didn't matter Cats were starting the season 0-1. Just feels nice to get that monkey off our back and hopefully the boys keep rolling after getting off on the right foot against our hated rivals. So proud of this team still buzzing from last night so happy I could be there for the historic day.

2016: W 42-20 @ Toronto
2015: L 24-23 @ Calgary
2014: L 31-10 @ Saskatchewan
2013: L 39-34 @ Toronto
2012: L 43-16 v.s Saskatchewan
2011: L 24-16 v.s Winnipeg
2010: L 49-29 @ Winnipeg
2009: L 30-17 v.s Toronto
2008: L 33-10 v.s Montreal
2007: L 37-9 @ Calgary
2006: L 27-17 @ Toronto
2005: L 31-21 @ Montreal
2004: W 38-36 @ B.C

And yes, Danny Mac was still our QB in that B.C game if you were wondering lol

^^^Good find. This I did not know.

That's slipped by just like Mathews getting the first win in Montreal after 18 visits...or something along those lines. I love hearing about these kind of stats.

I was aware of this, which is why the first game of 2016 was so special for me.

This was a long overdue win for us fans.

And with a win over the Lions on Friday night it would also mark the first time since that same season (2004) that the team has a chance to start out of the blocks with a 2-0 record to start the season. :rockin: It’s hard to believe that it’s taken 12 long years for this team to finally, finally win their season opener and not start out once again at 0-1 for a change.

Just to give everybody a little perspective of how just how long ago that streak started way back in 2004 consider some of these players who were on that team in the lineup way back then:

as already mentioned Danny Mac at QB
at Centre in his rookie season Marwan Hage backing up Carl Coulter
at Slotback Archie Amerson and Mike Morreale
at Wide Receiver DJ Flick and Craig Yeast
at O-Tackle Dave Hack
at Running Back Troy Davis
at D-End Joe Montford and Tim Cheatwood
at Safety Rob Hitchcock
It was also the year that a certain player name of Osbaldiston finally retired after a glorious run of 17 yrs as one of the greatest all around kickers of all time.

Starting well doesn't always make a good season, but normally does. The 1993 Ticats started 3-0, but finished 6-12. The 2016 team is far more talented and organized though.

I had no idea it'd been that long. Thanks for posting, 2EZ.
While some would disagree, it's a fact that winning the first game of the season is no less valuable an accomplishment than winning the last regular season game.
I wonder if there is any streak, good or bad, still existing league wide, that could top, or even come close to, Ottawa going into Edmonton on Saturday, not having won a game there since 1983? I certainly doubt it.

I think they will easily be 2 - 0 later this week. I wasn't impressed with Franklin, he seemed to have success in running with the ball but most of his passes were not accurate and they looked like desperation throws hoping that his receivers would come back for the ball or jump up to take it away from defenders. Calgary didn't look good at all and made BC look slightly better.

That was a big milestone for Ottawa, their next streak to be broken is an Ottawa team not winning in Toronto since 2004.