First Time Poster/Rant

Hey all...

First timer here with a lot on my mind. Pull up a chair as I may go off for a while. Hope I don't make myself look like a tool.

Some things that I noticed about tonight's debacle:

Joe Paopao: I fail to see why he is regarded as such an offensive guru. He did nothing in Ottawa when he had decent talent. Failed to do anything in BC, and is again choking the life out of the Ticat offense. He needs to be replaced ASAP with someone who has even a little imagination. The CFL is a passing league - so why not take a shot downfield? If it gets picked off, so what? That's as good as a punt, and it at least keeps the defense honest.

Effort & Pride: I wonder if Kevin Glenn showered after the game. The defense looked completely disinterested and - I hate to say it - they appear to have quit on the season. Missed tackles, and a lacksadasial attitude that even Hellen Keller can see.

This is NOT an expansion city - Hamilton knows its football and knows when a team has mailed it in. What a way to display yourself on national TV.

Tonight's effort proves that Greg Marshall was not the problem, and Ron Lancaster is not the problem. If a team can't play for an up-and-coming young, bright coach, or if they can't play for a bona fide CFL coaching legend, then this team needs to be blown up immediately.

Quarterbacking: I don't know if the Ticats have a genuine QB coach. If they don't - get one. If they go - get rid of him. Too many rainbow passes with way too much air under them. Someone has to point this out and direct the QB to correct the situation. Sometimes, passes need to be gunned in there. So what if the reciever breaks his hand while making the catch - that's his job.

Communication: Lancaster on tonight's Fifth Quarter: "A fake punt? I don't know why we did that, because it wasn't called."

OK, that's it. Please feel free to add to my post, or tell me that I'm way off too.

Thanks. [/b]

Good first post Cubby. You nailed it.

good first post Cubby, couldn't have bitched about it better myself... (but thats only because i didn't get to watch the "game."

Congratulations sir.

good post

Did he really say that? I didn't catch the whole show. But it did occur to me at the time that 3rd down and 20 from your own 20 yard line is about the worst possible situation from which to try a fake punt. Made me go hmmm.

Good post...drop down a bit to the post named Business is Business...right? and take a look at some of the things I have mentioned, similar have some very good ones that i did not state :thup:

Ex-Pat - yes, he did.