First time going to Molson Stadium..what's good?

Hello Montreal CFL fans:

I’m making the trek to Montreal to see the Cat’s play this Thursday and I’m wondering what’s some good eats in the stadium? I’m thinking a steamed hot dog and poutine might be on the menu of a smoked meat sandwich. Is there anything else you would recommend?

Also, is there any form of tailgating going on before the game?

We’re looking forward to this trip, Molson Stadium looks like it’s a great place to see a game and with the Cat’s win on Saturday, I’m optimistic that it’s going to be a great game to see.


Jare, where will you be sitting ?

For a smokemeat close to the stadium, I would recommend Ben's located at 990 de Maisonneuve (corner De Maisonneuve & Metcalfe).

It's a 3 block walk from University avenue, where you can take the bus shuttle to McGill stadium afterwards.

A couple of fans usually go to Coasters after the game, I might be able to go this time around....

A warning right now, DO NOT GET THE BEER. It costs $8 per cup and is mostly head which cheerleader ? :wink:

Thanks for the help everyone.

It looks like our train rolls in around 2 so we'll be seeing the sights before the game.

Can anyone recommend at good city tour provider. I'm bringing my nephew and there's so much history in Montreal I want to give him a brief flavour of Canada's "distinct society" and why it's so awesome!

It's going to be a great 24 hours!

I'm 17 years old, and personally I love walking around Old Montreal and the Old Port. Especially during the summer. Right now we got the comedy festival going on, and I think there are stages setup there downtown.

But that's just me, and I'm assuming that your nephew is around my age range.

Have a good game, I'll be there also watching a snoozer :lol:

Make sure to get a Sausage Dog at the game. Soooo good!

But bring a big wallet !

I know its a bit late but you better have brought your son to the forum. you cant look at the history of montreal and not go to the forum

vous etes tous dans le champ steve maheu est barman chez chickaboo

Can you provide me with the stuff you smoke too? :lol: