First time at the Skydome...

And man what a blast! We took that place over like nobodies business! I was in sec 133 and all I could see is a sea of black and gold! Props to all the fans that came out tonight! This was my first time outside of IWS and man am I proud to be a Cats fan! So much more character, passion, and attitude at IWS!

Highlight of the night:
Me and my buddy are walking down Front st. towards the the Loose Moose, chanting "Nobody ooohs ( :wink: ) like an argo!" when some dbag yells "Hey Hamilton, how's your hockey team?!?!" to whitch I reply:

"Just about as good as yours!!!! We're as close to the Cup as you are!" ... the guy shut right up, looked at the ground and kept on walking to the sound of me, my buddy and about 20 other people laughing our asses off (a few Argo fans included)

We hit the Loose Moose to see that it was crowded full of suits so we caught the early bus and enjoyed a few pints down at the Winking Judge on Augusta. No need to spend more money in T.O then you have to. I got talking to the bartender who happens to be a big cats fan and he told me he had a beer stein for sale that he though I would like. It was the 1987CFL Hall of Fame Induction comemarative stein. It had all the 1987 Inductees inscribed on the back. I'll let all you diehard fans guess why as soon as I saw the back i reached for my wallet and bought it. It's now waiting for me behind the top of the bar for whenever I come back.

The best night I've had in a very long time...

Guessing you were more excited by Mosca’s name than Harold Ballard’s? Nice purchase.

hundreds of ticat fans down in sections 133, 134, and scattered everywhere throughout the stadium. AND WE WERE LOUD!
but i gotta say: what a crap place for watching a football game (but thanks for the roof!): it's like they dropped a stadium into west edmonton mall.

Thats why the smaller venues become better in that aspect you get close to the game hear things ya never would hear at the Dome and many other facility's ... But i would beg to differ if that place could ever put 52,000 people in it would be a great atmosphere to be a part of .... Bigger does not always equal better ....

And as for the trips to T.O for Cat Games .......Use to drink like a fish after the game at Gretzky'z place but the best part was haven a guy drag you and your buddys in a buggy ( forget the name ) that should only have 1 of us in it ....
Those were the days ....Getting into chant fights in the bar inside the dome back then ...WE Ticat fans would always change the chants when it got tooooo serious from Argos suck they would yell back Ticats suck we would change it too CFL rules and everyone would drink and go on with it ..Glad you had a good time down there but the venue is way tooo big , you miss a ton of sounds and action and don"t get the same as other stadiums . But again it is a good time when you make a day or evening out of it .,,, :thup: :rockin:

“Just about as good as yours!!! We’re as close to the Cup as you are!” … the guy shut right up

Friggin priceless BigP! :thup:

Last night, sure, a roofed stadium is nice no question, that being said, roofs still aren’t necessary. It’s just too bad they made the RC for baseball, they should have made it football and soccer specific then they wouldn’t have had to do the stupid bowl design and flat rows in the lower section.

Oh man, Argos missing the playoffs 2 years in a row, beauty. :rockin:

BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NICE!! oh man that guy set himself up! *insert foot here :o <

Awesome. Was there too and we got into it verbally with some Argo fans. They said "How many pro teams do you guys have?" And I replied "One more than you guys! The Leafs, Argos, Raptors, and Jays are hardly pro teams. Maybe the Marlies are. And even the team you're trying to steal sucks!" The dejected look on the guys face was priceless.

All those teams and all of them suck. That's Toronto for ya