First time at TH field

I'm a rider fan tbh but I am going to Tim Hortons field for the game on the 20th. I haven't been to a game anywhere since Covid and am not sure what has changed.

My tickets say this.

Mobile Entry Tickets. Must have smart device on hand to enter event.*
** To assure fans' safety during these uncertain times, all tickets are subject to restrictions and requirements put in place by venues, teams, or government authorities as it pertains to proof of COVID-19 vaccination, proof of negative COVID-19 test, social distancing, wearing personal protective equipment, age restrictions, or similar measures (see venue/team website for more details). If the event is held without fans, you will receive a refund as if the event were cancelled.*

So my question (s). Do we all have to have a vax certificate on our phones? I would assume so. Do they scan a QR code or something? We all live in Ontario and are vaccinated so just wondering about the protocal.

Also never been to Hamilton other than to drive around it. Is there anything else we should check out if we wan't to make a whole day of it?

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I’ve been to every game this year. Wear masks in line. They don’t have the equipment to scan the QR codes so you can either show the PDF on your phone or have a printed copy….plus ID with a picture. This is the first step in line. Then you need to have the barcode scanned from the purchased tickets. I’m a STH so I use the Ticat All access app to display my tickets for them to scan. There are some STH’s near me who have printed tickets to enter.
Once inside you are supposed to wear a mask at all times other than to eat or drink. Signs all over about social distancing, etc.
I’m lucky as 90% of the people around my seats wear a mask. We seem to sit with fans at the old age end of the spectrum so very careful about getting sick. The 40 & under crowd seems to be a lot more lax about it. There is security through the stadium but they do not enforce Covid-19 policies. Impossible to do so in that environment.
The concourses are the worst for non compliance.

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You can show your vac certificate on your phone or even a paper copy plus proper ID. They don't have to scan the QR code to get in.
You can go to a restaurant before the game for food and drinks (Endzone for example, plus they provide a free bus shuttle to and from the game for free). Enjoy the game.

Thank you for the replies. We are just a little concerned, first time in a new city, that kind of thing. Masking isn't a problem we were kind of expecting that.

Our seats are in 114. We can find the stadium I think (we are Sask rednecks lol) but any suggestions on where to park? It would be nice to show up to the stadium with at least a little bit of a plan...

Honestly, the front lawns and driveways of the local inhabitants around the stadium. They have been doing that for decades.

That is funny because residents in Regina have been doing that longer than I have been alive

I won't do that because I spent to much money on tickets and I am guaranteed to be lost from the moment I enter your city.

There are several locations where there is a shuttle service for free. It all depends on how and where you enter the city.

I am in Ottawa, so I am not up to date on this. Honestly, if you can navigate to the stadium, you can literally park across a narrow residential street from it.