First time at Molson stadium - advice?

A few friends and I are coming up from the States for our first-ever CFL game in person, and we're psyched. But, since none of us have been to an Alouettes game before, I was hoping you guys could help us out regarding tickets. First off, are endzone seats any good? I usually enjoy them for American football games, but I worry that with the larger field, it might be a big advantage to be up higher.

Second, does anyone know how strictly the student ID requirement is enforced for student tickets? Some of my friends are students and some aren't. Do they ID at the gate? If so, is it 1 ID/1 ticket, or can a student buy however many tickets at the student price?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

What I can tell you is the endzone seats are nothing like in the US. Go higher. Since it's only a 25,000 seat stadium, every seat in the house is good and affordable. Alot of people like being higher up on the North side stands because of the skyline view and creates a great vibe. As far as student ID's, good question. Bring it along just in case.

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Which game are you and your friends attending?
You'll have a great time and the fans are really cool too. Rarely does anyone get violent or abusive.
You can drink and party your ass off and no problems. :rockin:
Enjoy the game and our city. You'll be back for more.

Le Chugg.

I'll be at the August 23rd game for my yearly visit to Molson. Would have liked to do the fan train this year but I guess there isn't one.

As le Chugg mentions, not a bad seat really. But you are probably best to sit in one of the sections on the North side if you want a view of the city. If you want a view of the mountain, take the south side.

And yes do not try to park there. You can always grab the special city buses that are free and run from McGill metro station and bring you up to the stadium.


Actually there is a fan train October 14th to Toronto. It's a sunday. I won't be on it though I'll be driving there the 13th to see the Habs-Leafs then the als argos the next day with my dad.

That's great you'll be coming the 23rd. PM me your seat number if you want a quick hello. Otherwise enjoy the game. :smiley:

4 sure, then we continue on to Fan-Expo !

Halcon is oct.26-27-28 this year. I got Impact the 27 and the als play the esks the 28.

I did just buy a day pass to encourage them. 2011 was a blast. :thup:

I will try and get you something from one of the organizers... PM me if there is something you have in mind. Your a special individual...

Many thanks to you both for the help! We’re coming up for the August 23rd game, and we definitely plan to party our asses off. We’re all very fond of the city itself (and her people!), and excited to check out the Alouettes in person. Le Chugg, I enjoyed your articles; very fun reads. What’s this TrailGate you keep referencing?

Trailgate: Due to the fact one cannot park beside or on the mountain they came up with an alternative.
It is located just up the trail from the east entrance. Look for the blue tent. You can't miss it.

Everyone is very welcoming no matter what team, language and nationality. It's all about good times, food & football.
Usually everyone brings their own and you can use their grill. All the extras are there but bringing something to pitch in the pot is a good idea. Makes for a good pre-game get togeather. It's easier to go to the website and see for yourself.

Also, Claude constructed one of the coolest trailers he towes to the game by bike. It opens up into tables and contains the BBQ, cooler bags and all the other things you would need to put togeather a party. It truely is an mobile party unit. I see LeStaff there sometimes too. He knows what it's all about :cowboy:

Be sure to drop "Le Legend" (the creator of the trailgate) a line and tell em' your coming down. I know they will be pleased to give you more info and help you out with whatever else you may need. I gotta tell you though, I've party like a madman after the games with the crew and woke up with a wicked hangover. I think I blacked out too.
No regrets, just good times on the mountain.

I know everyone says this but, tell em Chuggabunch sent you. :rockin:

Cheers Cash,
Le Chugg

Here is the official Trailgate website