First time at an Alouettes game


I am visiting Montreal next month and want to go to the game vs. BC on Sept. 9. I'm looking for any and all information and advice you can give.

Where should I sit. Which side of the stadium.

Is their a gift shop at the stadium and where is it.

If I have tickets on one side can I walk around the stadium to the other side.

How far is the stadium from downtown. We are staying at the Hotel InterContinental.

I've never been to a CFL game, but watch as many as I can on cable here in Chicago. I feel connected to the team because of Jarrett Payton. I watched his father for his entire career.

I appreciate all info and advice you can give me.


Seeing how they have had the last 75 or so games sold out, I say sit where were you can get tickets......It will prop be in the end zone. Go to the ALs site and buy tickets now or you will have to pay a scalper.

Yes you can walk around to the entire stadium

There is a gift/souvenir shop. When you get inside, walk to your right and up the hill.

I'm not exactly sure where your hotel is but work your way to university street and catch the free shuttle bus to the stadium from there.