First Time a Cats Practice

New user to the site and first post. This morning's practice was the first one that I was able to go to and I liked what I saw. It seems the boys are starting to gel with each other. It was good to see the guys on the sideline being enthusiastic with the gents in the play. I have taken some photos of what I saw and will post later. On a side note, my car was the receiver to an errant pass by Mr. Jason Maas! Bright red with a nice leather mark on it. What do you think? A nice autographed ball from Jason should fix that, LOL. That's what you get when you get too close to the action.....


Welcome to the site. Can't wait to see the pics.

How errant WAS that pass????

It was tipped by Yeast and he had a temper tantrum, then he pointed to where the ball should have been thrown.

(I’m SERIOUSLY joking here…)

Errant enough to put the football spin mark on my Grand Am hood. LOL. He was doing what he should have, throwing it out of bounds when there's no open receiver. My poor car! :slight_smile:

I think if this would have been Yeast thrown into the car!

Here's the pics

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Great pics. Thanks a bunch

No Probs. Enjoyed taking them and watching the boys do their stuff.


I was waiting to hear that Maas threw Yeast into the car not the football.