First three signings!
OTTAWA - The Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League have engraved another chapter in Ottawa's rich sporting legacy with the signing of the first players in team history.

As per team policy, terms of contract agreements are not disclosed.

The team signed the following players (lists position, name, height, weight, college and hometown):

Wide receiver Fred Rouse, 6-4, 200, Concordia Selma (Tallahassee, Florida)
Defensive back / safety Nick Turnbull, 6-2, 222, Florida International (Miami)
Defensive end DiMetrio Tyson, 6-2, 275, Jacksonville State (Elba, Alabama)

Rouse began his collegiate career with Florida State in 2005 and started in the 2006 Orange Bowl for the Seminoles against Penn State. He transferred to the University of Texas-El Paso (UTEP) before completing his collegiate career with Concordia-Selma in Alabama. He has CFL experience on practice rosters with the Calgary Stampeders and has also played for the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League.

Turnbull's final year of college football was in 2005 with Florida International where he led the defence, starting every game at free safety and cornerback. He had 16 career interceptions at Florida International. In 2006, Turnbull played one regular-season game for the Chicago Bears and two games for the Atlanta Falcons.

Tyson started 11 games on the Gamecocks' defensive line in 2012, recording 29 tackles and three sacks. He was named an All-Ohio Valley Conference first-team all-star on defence. His most recent professional experience was with the San Jose SaberCats of the Arena Football League.

"We recognize the historic significance of these signings and it's an important first step for our franchise," said REDBLACKS general manager Marcel Desjardins. "Having said that, we're continuing the work of building a competitive football team for Ottawa and REDBLACKS fans.

"These players will have an opportunity to make our roster once we get onto the field for camp in the spring."

Desjardins and the REDBLACKS' football operations staff continue to assemble the pre-season roster, with the CFL Expansion Draft the next major milestone on December 16. The team will select 24 players from the eight other CFL clubs, including eight import players and 16 non-imports.

The team will hold the first training camp in club history during the spring of 2014. Dates and location of camp are to be determined.

I'm not going to complain about the choice of team name; that ship has sailed.

But what's with them wanting to always have it appear in capitals ?

I agree. The capital thing is bizarre.

Yes, we're very happy about this news, thank you. :lol:

Because their official logo is ALL CAP'S and probably trademarked that way, which means any official release will be presented that way.

Which still begs the question. . . why? I don't understand what the marketing advantage is supposed to be.

And with apologies for taking the thread off-topic. . .

That's all right. There probably aren't any threads about the name anyway. :wink:

Besides, I said we're all happy, but damned if you could tell by the dust bunnies on this thread. :expressionless:

Nice to see Ottawa is official active with 4 guys now.

lol, if these guys will actually make the 46 man roster out of TC is a different question, but if there was ever random rookie signings that had a chance it's Ottawa. They can only draft 8 Imports after all, so that leaves 11 import spots open on the 42 man before any roster expansion possibilities of a new CBA.
and IMO they'll draft 2 QB's, so that's 6 of 19 import spots taken via the draft, I expect Ottawa to be active in free agency, but that's still a lot of room for rookies compared to the other 8 teams.

I'm thinking Ottawa will be very active come April/May when this years crop of CIS/NCAA guys are able to sign deals, it'll be good to see.

I do not think it is a lock that all of the 8 imports drafted to make the roster out of camp, with the exception of QB(s) that may be selected. There are just so many CFL import FAs out there each year as well as NFL FA's, who are now becoming much more familiar with the CFL before they get there now with all games being seen in the states the last couple of years.
Also a lot of NCAA rookie; especially those who are at close to the border Schools in the States of Washington, Michigan, Dakota's, Idaho; who have teammates who are from Canada or former mates who are in the CFL.
The newly incorporated Arena Football League also has connections to the CFL

Not so sure about that for the 8 Imports drafted.

Looking at the FA lists, if Ottawa drafts Glenn/Tate and Marsh/Smith(whoever isn’t protected) from MTL then they get QB’s from the two of the teams with the most pending FA’s.

Out of the remaining teams:(number of pending non-QB pending I FA’s that aren’t retired)
BC(4), SSK(11), WPG(7), EDM(6), Hammy(3), TO(5)

Now look at SSK’s roster, 11 pending I FA’s looks like a lot but they have like 35 non-QB I’s on roster(not including PR), so take 11 pending FA’s and 10 protected leaves at least 14 Imports non-QB’s with term who will be exposed… lot’s of options. Just from SSK, worst case scenario one of Diamond Ferri, Renauld Williams, Dwight Anderson or Carlos Thomas is exposed to give Ottawa a veteran starter on the D to help solidify things.
Next highest on the list WPG has 34 non-QB I’s, take out the 7 FA’s + 10 protected and that’s 17 exposed, now sure my Bombers did bad, but they have some good young I Rec’s, DB’s and Front 7… in fact most of their bad I’s(like Boatman/Simpson) are the pending FA’s… ugh, if Ottawa wants to trade for them please call Walters up :wink:

The FA’s that going to hurt Ottawa is all the FA NI’s, all the more reason, IMO, for Ottawa to take QB’s from CGY and MTL who have 9 FA NI’s each, and get top quality NI’s from BC, EDM and Hammy who have almost no starting NI’s as pending FA’s.(just Laurent in EDM)

Are they going to start picking their roster without input from their coach? Pick one already! Let history begin.

It is an unique approach being in no hurry to select a HC even before the expansion draft. From what has been said they will be using the expansion draft to pick core generic type CFL players who have starting experience or have been top back ups ready to take that step to be a starter. These players will make them competative right away but not yet ready to win the Grey Cup in the first year.
A Head Coach will be needed when they begin to sign CFL free agents and NFL free agents that would fit the schemes the HC and the coordinators plan to put in.

From the beginning Ottawa has stated that they want an experienced starting CFL QB. Kevin Glenn fits that profile perfectly. Also he will be under contract and not a FA. Calgary has gone into two post seasons with Glenn basically as their starter and came out empty handed without a Grey Cup victory. Whether it is Glenns fault or not Calgary will most likely look to move onto a playmaking QB as originally planned with Tate.
I could see Ottawa just taking Glenn in the draft to keep teams from protecting extra Canadians and looking to get Callaros, Willy. or other through free agency.
I can also see them signing an NFL FA QB and keep him on the 9 game IR for the season while paying him enough, like an NFL PR salary to get him interested in coming North. Similar to a Brian Brohom in Hamilton.

huh? I think you’re really over rating NFL FA QB’s. Providing you’re talking about a vet NFL back-up, a guy with 2+ seasons on NFL PR’s/roster, loads of those guys come north and burn out so much so it seems NFL time actually has a negative effect for whatever reason.

While for sure they’ll have a 3rd/4th string QB who may have spent time in an NFL TC or PR(like the amount of time Matt Nichols or Collaros spent a tryout(s) or a TC), I don’t consider that time enough to be an NFL FA, decent chance Ottawa may 9 game their 4th string QB out of TC just like the Argos did with Gale(who has spent zero time in the NFL and IMO is better then Brohm) although that’s just a numbers game as they’ll be trying out a lot of guys at other spots.

The best CFL QB prospects are largely guys with no NFL exp or extremely limited, Gale, Bo Levi, Collaros, Nichols, Marsh and DeMarco. Smith and LeFevour have had some NFL time, but IMO they don’t have the upside of the above mentioned guys.
So IMO If Desjardin is smart he’ll go that way, he’ll look to get/groom a future starting CFL QB similiar to Bo Levi/Collaros who came with a year of finishing in the NCAA.

As for signing Collaros, I’m sure if he hits FA they’ll try, but why would Collaros go to Ottawa, Winnipeg will offer him starting $$ and basically the starters job, while going from TO to Ottawa is likely going from Back-up job to back-up job really, except a shorter possible route to being the starter then TO.
I can see Ottawa going after Willy, Nieswander or Nichols going to Ottawa.

Except Desjardin is on Record as saying he’ll draft two QB’s, really he has no reason to lie about if he’ll draft two QB’s it serves him no advantage to lie about that prior to the draft, since QB’s are protected separately.

It could be true but things may be changing a bit. Willy spent time in the NFL as well as Lefevour also Jonathon Crompton. For better or worse all three were their teams #2 this season. Max Hall as well had an NFL season where he played but injuries forced him out for a year.
Also good point about him saying that he will draft two QBs so he will probably want to hit every angle possible to get QBs into camp and also with the team for the season which could include a Brian Brohom type guy on the 9 game.
With the CFL much more visible in the states and the top QBs beginning to hit the half million mark per season could be a bit more attractive for some better QBs to give it a better look than the ones who bombed or quit do to lack of interest or salary that came through in the mid 2000's
It is a different league now 7.5K watching a game in Canada, access to all CFL games in the states, New Stadiums, Grey Cup games for sure sell outs now with a Super Bowl type day.

I like to see that they are already actively signing players even before the expansion draft. So far it is 5 players but all have solid resumes on the import front. They can get these guys in for the paid off season workout period for the CFL.

:thup: :thup:

Okay this is NOT a football signing but the soccer team has signed a good player. Let's hope that signings like this will sell soccer tickets and BOTH teams do well and OSEG benefits and if OSEG makes this a success (football and soccer) we can prove to the naysayers (FOL) that it was worth the upgrade to the stadium. The upgrade was worth it for NASL and international soccer too

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Not just a good guy either, but an incredible pick up.

This guy played games for Sunderland in the Barclay's Premier League and has tremendous experience at the highest levels of European footy.

Truly show the class of play we are in for.

Oh yes it is great to see the Fury also getting some ink entering their first sseason of NASL play as well as now being a part of the Voyagers cup. If they get past EDM they will play the impact in the Semi Finals. Can't think of a better way to start off the season.
After the summer break in the NASL regroup and re promote the teams oepning game in Landsdowne.
Let us not forget that the 67's will be returning to the reno'd Civic center for the 2014-2015 season as well.

The first signing of a REDBLACK QB - Matt Faulkner,

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