First things first...

...Regardless of what happens in this game, the first thing we need to address is our piss poor D-Line. I'm sick and tired of being dead last in sack, and from what little I've seen of this game so far, Durant has had more than enough time. We need a better pass rush.

Looks like the Riders just scored to end the first half. All because we couldn't get to Durant... sad. :roll:

Our D is too soft and our LB are the worst in the league in tackles our DB's have made some improvements this year but overall major changes needed.

I agree. The defence needs major help. We can't get to the QB and we can't tackle. It's pathetic. I was honesly surprised we got a sack tonight. I'm gonna assume the Sask O-Line messed up on that play. :lol:

Eskimos need more receivers like Stamps.

Nowacki, Barnes, Talbot aren't gonna cut it.


I was joking during the game how nice it would be to at least come second last some day :frowning:

I also noticed that Schiavone although a good field goal guy, is the weakest kick-off kicker I've ever seen. I don't think he's ever kicked one to the 25 yard line.

There a very few aspects of this team that shouldn't be changed if we wish to compete, should be a most interesting off season for sure.