First, there was good and bad bush-league Hank

Don't know if you saw this last night or not, but:

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This guy has turned out to be a whiney little First, Simoni is out to knock him out of the league with a clean, hard hit...though his guy trying to take Matthews' head off was "part of the game." And now this...and I love how he claims that he has done the CFL such a big favour by "turning around" four teams in his career...let's look at that one.

When he joined Calgary the first time, they had been to back-to-back Grey Cups, and did nothing for them before running out on them to join Saskatchewan...where he led them from a 3 win season to an amazing 5 win season...whereupon he left for the NFL and "turned around" two NFL teams, the Packers and Bears...

Returned to Saskatchewan when they gave him a chance to resurrect his career...and led them, in 2004, to two fewer wins than in the previous year...both times, they lost in the Western Final, so it's not like Henry broke them through...and then left again for Calgary...

He did improve Calgary from a 4 win team in 2004 to an 11 win team in 2005...oh yeah, Calgary also got rid of Matt Dunigan as Coach/GM in 2004 and brought in a real coach in Tom Higgins, so that might have had something to do with it...and in fact, when Hank won the Grey Cup in 2008, it was under John Hufnagel, one of the best coaches the league has seen...and while in Calgary, he kept losing playoff games to Saskatchewan...

So he comes here, and "turns us around" from a playoff team under Kevin Glenn in 2011, to a last-place team in us to a Grey Cup in 2013 (once again, when a coach joined the team, so who turned around who?)...and then crapped the bed, as he is wont to do...and in 2014, without him, we almost (should have?) won the Grey Cup...

Keep talkin''ll be in the Hall of Fame some day, but will always be remembered for what you can't do, and that's be a consistently good QB...and the TSN panel nailed you on that...and for wearing women's underwear...great legacy, you loser...

His behaviour reminds me of that professional wrestler, who when he made a good move during a match would immediately after stop in the middle of the ring and literally pat himself on the back.

No doubt Burris was a contributor to the Tiger cats' success in 2013. Hardly, singularly responsible.

I think the pressure of having Harris on the sidelines whose capable of not only carrying on but has proven to be performing better than him is affecting his mettle.

It's time to put this old crank to pasture.

Meantime, can someone explain to to the whiny one that football is a TEAM sports.

Every time he opens his Blubberin' yap I lose a little more respect for the man. Regardless of anything he does on the field he'll always just be a whining ego maniac. Three great posts Philly, Grover, and Home Team. How true. :o

8) That wrestler that you are referring to is Barry Horowitz !!! :lol:

Actually Burris played worse in 2013 than he did in 2012 as he couldn't adapt well to Austin's system. Dan LeFevour was often inserted into the game with some run packages and even Masoli got in there in one last season game vs Montreal to run wildcat plays! The turnaround in 2013 IMO was more a result of having a better defense (THANK you OS!) and the change in coaching leadership. If it had all been Hank's doing then the team would have fallen apart in 2014 with Collaros at the helm. Instead they made it back to the GC and came very close to winning it!
Oh yes, Calgary has continued to be a very good team year after year since Burris left - attributable to good coaching leadership and good player depth.

However I do agree that Hank seems to forget that football is the ultimate TEAM sport. Having Harris breathing down his neck is probably not helping. In spite of his dreams of grandeur of leading Ottawa to a GC appearance and win at home next season, there's no guarantee that he'll even be the starter in 2017. 400K is a lot of change to pay to a back up and that's what Harris is reportedly going to make next season. Time to hang'em up Hank!

Time the league shuts this guy down in his tracks. His last comment, including the remark about the leagues biggest public booster, TSN, should draw him a 2 or 3 game suspension and a forced retraction of his words. Only a bush league would let this bush league actor go unpunished for such disrespct to the league and it's fans. If this guy can't handle putting out a professional appearance any more it's time for him to get out of the game and check into the rest of his life as a 7am - 3pm peon worker.

Say what you will, nobody ever accuses Burris of being overly modest or too self-effacing. My question, why does TSN keep giving this guy a platform to speak out about how everyone picks on the old Hanker? No matter what the interviewer asks, poor me Burris turns it around to how hard done by he is.

Seems the solution is obvious? And who on God's green earth would miss him?

Just to be clear, I’m just suggesting TSN doesn’t put old Hanker on air! :smiley:

Smilin' Hank sure came off as a jerk on his Halftime and Post game rant.
What an Idiot
He should know better.

Dam shame really…
With Henry it is all about…ME…ME…ME :thdn:
I wonder if he must turn his head, for it to fit through doorways.
“bush-league” yup…bang on.

Hank can be a good quarterback when all the pieces are put on place for him, although not consistently.
Leaders don't rant like he did last week, not in a public forum anyway.
I agree...simply stop giving this guy opportunities to embarrass himself and the league.

Courtesy of today's Globe and Mail...

[b]"Does this sound like anyone you know?

•Highly competitive in virtually all aspects of his life, believing he (or she) possesses special qualities and abilities that others lack; portrays himself as a winner and all others as losers.
•Displays a grandiose sense of self, violating social norms, throwing tantrums, even breaking laws with minimal consequences; generally behaves as if entitled to do whatever he wants regardless of how it affects others.
•Shames or humiliates those who disagree with him and goes on the attack when hurt or frustrated, often exploding with rage.
•Arrogant, vain and haughty and exaggerates his accomplishments; bullies others to get his own way.
•Lies or distorts the truth for personal gain, blames others or makes excuses for his mistakes, ignores or rewrites facts that challenge his self-image and won’t listen to arguments based on truth.

These are common characteristics of extreme narcissists as described by Joseph Burgo, a clinical psychologist, in his book The Narcissist You Know."

That's the Hank we know and love! What an apt description. Thanks for the informative post.