First Team with the 'x'....

....I'm not about to go through the mathmatics of it all, it being a non-work day here....but for some reason of combined wins and losses the Stamps are the first team in '06 to post that wonderful 'x' next to their name in the goal is the elusive 'y'....

....who's next on the podium?.....

BC and sask will both have the 'x' today.

Albeit difficult, Edmonton is not eliminated from the West if they lose today.....Riders will still need to win one or the EE need to lose one for them to be formally toasted from the playoff race in the "x" for the Riders today.....

I think BC is the next to get in.....

If the esks lose today, the Als will also have that X beside their name.

Winnipeg will be the last to get the X, all part of the plan.

Oh please!

Kinda funny how the 9-5 Stamps clinched a playoff spot before the 9-4 Lions. I don't understand why - even if Edmonton and BC both finished with 9 wins, BC would win the tiebreaker.

Edmonton needs 3 more wins than Winnipeg to get the crossover spot - if the crossover is even in effect this year?? - or 2 more wins than Sask to get 3rd in the West. I guess the crossover is in effect, because here still hasn't given playoff spots to Toronto or Montreal - even though they will finish in the top 3 in the East, Edmonton could end up with more points than either of them. Next game that Toronto or Montreal wins, or Edmonton loses, will clinch spots for them.

BC's magic number to clinch first is 3 - and they play a home-and-home with Calgary.
Calgary's magic number to clinch second is 2 (they hold the tiebreaker over the Riders).
Saskatchewan's magic number to clinch 3rd is 3.
To clinch playoff spots, Toronto's and Montreal's magic numbers are 1, but to host a playoff game, their magic numbers are 3 for the Argos and 2 for the Als.
Winnipeg's magic number to clinch a playoff spot is 2.
By losing, Hamilton officially cemented themselves into 4th place.

Edmonton has to win 2 more games than Saskatchewan, 3 more games than Winnipeg, or 4 more games than Montreal or Toronto (yeah, right) to get into the playoffs. God I hope that doesn't happen ...

Stamps got the spot first because BC still has a game in hand.

The Eskimos are still alive and really their only shot is to overhaul the Riders or Bombers. Given they need to only tie in points with the Riders as opposed to finishing with more points than the Bombers to grab the last spot, the Riders will need to stay awake for 60 minutes next time.

That makes no scence.
If BC has a game in had they shold have cliched it first. Or at least at the same time.

You have to look at the total amount of point in the standings and the max. that the other can get. If Cal had 14 with a max of 20 and BC had 14 with a max of 22, BC has to be concidered to have clinched it first or at least at the same time as Cal.

Unless BC could lose a tiebreaker to another team due to the season series

It must have something to do with the tie breaker as ro suggests.

But BC holds the tiebreaker over the only team that can knock them out of the playoffs - the shmoes (if Edmonton can pass BC, that means BC can finish 4th). So when BC was 9-4, and Edmonton was 4-9, the closest they could finish was tied, both at 9-9, but BC holds the tiebreaker ... just like how the closest Edmonton could come to passing Calgary is tying at 9-9, but Calgary holds that tiebreaker too.

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