First sub .500 team to make playoffs

Either I should be embarrassed and am an idiot, or I am a genious. Time will tell.

Early NFL playoff odds; Saints by 10.5 so far.

That’s generous. They must still be drunk from New Year’s. :smiley:

I will take the over.

Amen Chief. Such a hack position as adopted by the wily likes of Collinsworth is not a plus for the league as a whole at all.

On the other hand, Pat Kirwan did offer in this fine article a great solution that still would not eliminate this possibility of loser teams for sake of the terrible divisions but otherwise would reward teams with better records overall even more:

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In retrospect once again after that awful game Sunday night we see how the wily and smug Collinsworth set himself up weeks ago as the “goody-goody the NFL can never do wrong” hack he is! His announcing was beyond awful and screw him, as he has to be the worst in the game except for Dan Dierdorf and Mike Tirico.

Here’s after Kirwan’s article from weeks ago above is a past discussion I had with a friend weeks ago on an even better way to have handled the whole deal on which 18 NFL owners, though not enough, had agreed previously for at least part of this plan.

There is no question more folks would have wanted to see a better team like the Giants play the Saints than the awful Seahawks not to neglect to mention the obvious media, advertiser, and NFL bias in that regard.

<> Pat Kirwan had a great article about the matter of seeding all teams but stopped short of holding back on the possibility of excluding any given sorry-butt 8-8 or 7-9 division winner to make the playoffs.

Some NFL writers already are writing about the embarrassing prospect of the exclusion of Green Bay and Tampa Bay, the former clearly better than all the NFC West teams and the latter better on most any given day, from the playoffs for sake of the ultimate NFC West winner. The media favourite already is St. Louis only due to the NCAA/Heisman to NFL agenda after so many such busts in recent years amongst the overly compensated young NFL quarterbacks who become part of the mega-marketing machine in many cases.

At least the only time the prospect of re-seeding playoff teams came around, 18 of the 32 owners were on board though 24 are required for such a change.

Following all the BS around now highly overrated and sorry Mark Sanchez before he played a game for no reason other than he went to USC and is playing in NY and is Latino for the fast-growing brand marketing to Latinos as is the case in many industries, Bradford’s next in line for sake of such an image campaign should the Rams have any playoff success.

I’d be for your proposal for winning teams only AND re-seeding all teams, meaning that just because a team is a division winner does not guarantee it home field in the wild card game at the very least if they don’t secure a first-round bye.

In the unlikely event that there are not six winning teams in the conference, well then of course the 8-8 division winner gets to go.

Otherwise mathematically with such a system of seeing all teams I doubt very highly that it is even possible for there not to be at least six teams in a conference to be at least 8-8. The prospect of having to include a losing team in the playoffs [in a 32-team league mind you!] would be eliminated altogether and ought to be done as well.

I’m calling it now, kids. 9 minutes in, and the Hawks are down 10-0. Seattle is getting blown out. :lol:

Not so fast Chief as the prowess of The Great Bald One might prevail for his apparent two faithful on this site the middle of the second quarter, my 10-point spread is not looking good with this awful Saints' defence too.

I thought I'd get my reverse jinx in early. I hate the Saints. :lol:

That last run was all Lynch. The Saints should've had him tackled on four occasions by my count. That's how you hussle, kids. :wink:

So I bet you all feel pretty silly right about now? :stuck_out_tongue:

:rockin: Rock on Seahawks, keep proving the doubters wrong. :cowboy:

Well, with Peyton, the Ravens, and the Falcons all out, I think I'll throw my support behind the 7-9 Seahawks just for fun.

...of course, since I seem to be jinxed, they'll probably get hammered by the Bears.

well, I am now hopping for a packers jets game, but a seahawks no steelers game would be pretty good.

Looks like I put the hex on the Seahawks. Sorry guys. :lol:

dam you chief! you wrecked it for my seahawks!

chief, please cheer for steelers and bears next weekend :thup:

Brady gonzo, love it! :thup: Good on the Jets, they were the better team.

The Steelers will be tough to beat at home, but a Jets/Bears Super Bowl would be cool.

Sorry, but I'll be cheering for the Steelers and Packers. :wink: