First Rumour of the Off-Season

Im probably still cranky from Sundays loss, but I`ll start the 1st off-season rumour.

Carolina Panthers fired their GM earlier this season and will be looking for a replacement in the off-season. I am certain Jim Popp`s name will surface as he is well known in the Charlotte area. His hometown of Mooresville is nearby.

The Panthers head coach Ron Rivera is also on thin ice with the team at 2-8. And what well known coach resides in North Carolina and would be the ideal guy to work with Panther QBs Cam Newton and Jimmy Clausen?

I doubt they will take the risk with a GM with no NFL experience and a HC who likes pocket passers but you never know. Should that happen it would be a huge hit for the organization.

Oh god, save us from the Trestman-to-NFL rumors. Why are we starting these rumors? They have no basis in fact and we're Als fans. I know the sting of the EDF loss is still fresh, but let's not jump off a metaphorical bridge just because we lost a playoff game.

Relax d&p, Marty York made a career out of this. :smiley:

And speaking of Marty York, read this:

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Herb Yorkowsky changes course 3 times in his story.

But Herb is basing the piece on what he's been hearing from sources in the league. It might be tenuous, and it might come to nothing, but there's some basis for it. Simply posting that an NFL team has an open position and then linking Trestman to that position is nothing but blatant speculation, without any kind of fact or source to back it up.

My sources are impeccable - Tony and Angelo at the barbershop!