first round

riders lose OL lee is this good or bad?

Bad cause we lost a guy. But we're going to lose 2 more.

Not a bad thing. We have Xavier Fulton as left tackle. We also still have Devon Tyler who would be a potential backup to Xavier.

James Lee.............can't say anything really. Practice roster player. Now Taman has the winter to find another import O-lineman so we retool with a little depth. I gather he's under contract for 1-2 years.

Here's the first round picks in the import category: Kevin Glenn (Calgary QB), Thomas DeMarco (BC QB), Moton Hopkins (Montreal DL) and Jonathan Williams (Toronto DE), Wallace Miles (Winnipeg receiver), Carlton Mitchell (Edmonton OL), James Lee (Saskatchewan OL) and Chevon Walker (Hamilton RB).

Because they lost QBs Calgary and B.C. now get the benefit of protecting eight non-imports as opposed to six for the other teams in the next round which goes later today. That's a plus for Calgary, I think, as Glenn's value is more as a mentor now than as a top-flight QB. DeMarco, though, still has room to grow as a QB so his loss is a bit more of a hit for B.C.

pretty low impact loss for the Riders. Sure, it always sucks losing a tackle, but this one barely hits the radar in the grand scheme of things…bonus…he was not a blind side guy…sucks if he turns out to be huge, but the Riders here and now don’t need him with urgency.

I was a little shocked Glenn was picked though. Not sure I agree with that move, but hey…there is your vet I guess.

I’d say Chevon Walker is the biggest grab of round one

First round could of been worse I guess, have a lot of talent in import, to lose a PR player right now does not concern me as much as a starter! now what non-imports will we lose and how will it affect us.

The receiver from Winnipeg. He was late addition after dropping out of NFL. He looks really good.

He maybe is the steal of round one. Unproven..............but looked in the 2-3 games I watched him.