first round prediction

Hey greenandwhite, what upsets are you picking in the second round? :lol:

If the Seahawks play Atlanta they win, if they play Chicago they lose (Atlanta will lose regardless of who they play next week). Other than that, take all the favourites if you are playing sports select.

On second thought, the Steelers will lose to the Ravens as well.

Packers over Atlanta
Chicago over Seattle (as much as it pains me to say it, this Cinderella story is going to come to an end. Look for the 'Hawks to be a force in the upcoming seasons if the NFL does not get locked out)
Patriots over NYJ. The Jets were fortunate to win against the Colts
Ravens over Steelers. Both games they played this season were good games, but I expect the Ravens defense to prevail in a big defensive struggle.

on quick skim, it looks like only Jordan02 and myself got 3 right. Way to go us :wink: :thup: :rockin:

It was the worst NFL weekend of picks I have ever had, but hey who would have figured three road teams would win plus the biggest home playoff underdog in history?

I went 1-3 on picks and 1-2 on funny money bets for -$18.10. :frowning:

I'll have my picks in for next week on the new thread soon enough.

I won't pick the Steelers and Ravens game though because you might as well flip a coin.

The last four meetings have been decided by three points or less, and the last one was decided by the second-best play of the year (it was first until Marshawn Lynch broke 8 tackles on that incredible run) with Troy Polamalu's already legendary Bushy-Headed Tomahawk Hop 'n' Chop to force QB Flacco to fumble near the end for a return that led to a relatively easy Steelers TD. :o

No one else will ever be able to copy that move, and for you doubting the value of his endorsements that's why he got the shampoo contract too. :slight_smile: