first round prediction



Seahawks (gotta take the Hawks after an impressive win with a backup quarterback :thup: )

LOL @ the Seahawks...

Colts and Ravens
Eagles and Saints

Saints 27
Seahawks 10

Jets 10
Colts 20

Ravens 17
Chiefs 9

Packers 24
Eagles 18

Here are my winners plus three picks based also on the Vegas lines as of this writing.

Note the funny money for the Vegas bets all at -110/10%/1.10 vigorice/vig/juice against the spread:

New Orleans
Vegas: $21 New Orl -10

Vegas: $8 Ind -2.5

Vegas: $12 Balt -2.5


You call that win impressive? :lol: The first drive okay, but the win? C'mon!

That was an absolutely awful NFL game and looked like some random stupid college bowl game. Cris Collinsworth was at his worst hack self too.

If that's all you saw for NFL action yesterday, wow were you missing out because that was terrible football.

As a friend of mine commented as we were watching because by the 2nd quarter it was so bad I decided to call him, beyond that impressive first drive and the only touchdown of the game it was like watching two teams just sissy-foot around until one of them trips instead of some playoff battle as NBC was hyping it up. :roll:

On the flip side the game between the Saints and Seahawks, anticipated to be the lamest game and why it is scheduled first on Saturday, has the following three historic attributes:

  1. It is the first time a losing team in the NHL has made the playoffs. Don't lose sight of the obvious fact, as I saw one person do on another thread in a really uninformed comment, that this is a league of 32 teams with only 12 making the playoffs.
  2. It is the biggest road favourite playoff spread in the history of NFL football at 10+ points for the Saints.
  3. The Saints have never won a road playoff game. (And for those following their long sordid history, the Saints did not win their first playoff game until 2000 when they beat the defending champs the St. Louis Rams).

Correction to one item in previous; the Saints are the biggest road favourite in at least 32 years not ever, but all the same that applies to the entire NFL Live Ball Era since 1978 when they changed the rules drastically for the better to help out offences.

Meanwhile here's a good though homer article on Seattle that prophesies favourably about the return of The Great Bald One at QB: ... source=rss

I fully expect that streak to continue come Sunday.

Seahawk to dethrown the Saints come Saturday afternoon. You heard it here first.


...I'll second that, the Saints didn't look effective against TB, the 'hawks should have Hasselbeck back...and the 12th man in Seattle is a factor...

GreenAndWhite, you will be pleased to know that as of time of the writing of the following article by the finest author on NFL football, you were thereby the only known predictor of a Seahawk near-miracle on the entire continent:

[url=] ... t-at-upset[/url]

Seahawk Nation, recant ye hereby now your faith in The Great Bald One or forever hold your peace:

[url=] ... -vs-saints[/url]

seems like just yesterday when moon was in seattle.

1H Seattle 24 New Orleans 17

The Great Bald One and his disciplines on offence sure are looking even better with awful defence by the Saints.

There must be some magic in Seattle in that massive egghead.

My 10-point spread for the Saints already looks like toast as the largest spread ever for a road favourite in the NFL playoffs.

Last but not least the Saints playoff road curse might live a few more years.

simply unbelievable.

Even if the Saints come back to win, they have already proved they are not SB material this yr.

I guarantee the winner of this game does not go to the bowl.

You can take that to the bank

Thats the name of that tune.

Keep your eye on the sparrow

The candy man can

Oh no! The bold faith of RedAndWhite and GreenAndWhite in The Great Bald One has been redeemed! :lol:

These are the only two known men in North America who made this bold prediction, and GreenAndWhite what did you win? :slight_smile:

And now it seems that perhaps the Seahawks indeed will give either the Bears or the Falcons one heck of a game on the road, but they won't be able to run against the Bears like they did over the 'Aints.

not to take too much away from the hawks, but the pathetic display by the saints defense was about the worse I have ever seen in any league at any level. Not likley that happens twice in a row.

I won the title of clearly being psychic. Oh and 20 bucks. Now all bow to me and my excellent football predicting skills. I predicted a Rider win in Calgary in the west final, and now this.

....'tis the night
of the ____and white...

Go Sh*thawks!!!