First round Draft Prospects: David Onyemata (2)

Defensive Tackle
University of Manitoba (CANWEST)
6,5" 320 pounds

Size and physical strength are unmistakable here, Also said to be a tireless worker year round.
David has been invited to the Shrine Bowl along with Vaillancourt and McEwen. There is no question that the NFL will look at him. David had never played football in his life before he waked in to Dobie's office at Manitoba. This is where evaluating him gets tricky. A can't miss CFL prospect, who is physically ready now but has about 30 games of football experience. Big powerful athlete but will he ever play in the CFL ?

Dobie has seen the “freak? part first hand.

“We have one of those machines in the weight room that measures power in pounds per square inch or something like that,? said Dobie, asking for forgiveness for his lack of professional weight training knowledge. “One afternoon I was in there and the guys were pushing this device and getting great scores, anywhere from 150 to 215. Some of our guys were really good.

“So I started to watch and then I piped in and said, ‘What about David?’ Well, David was with one of the coaches at the bench press. He was pressing a lot of weight and you could see he was near the end of his workout, but I said, ‘David, push this thing and see what you do.’ He got up, walked over to it, didn’t even take a breath and nearly pushed it through the wall. It read 246. Some guys were just disheartened. David is so strong, sometimes it takes your breath away.?
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One for LeStaf

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He would look good in the middle of the DL.

Team is in a nice position to be able to take A good prospect at both OL and DL with #2 and #11, However if they go DL or DB with #2 then #11 would be an OG. Given Klassen's injury and the team paying two coach for the Defensive Line. I would not be surprised to see a DL claimed at #2.

Merci du lien.

Je crois que ce gars va aussi recevoir de l'intérêt du sud de la frontière. Il a la taille et la puissance.

David played at Defensive End instead of his natural position and still managed to get a solid sack and some pressure. Raised his stock quite a bit and was interviewed by a half a dozen teams. Will likely get the most interest of any Canadian after Smith. Als scout Russ Lande's is convinced he would be the 1st overall pick if Onyemata fails to get serious NFL interest but that is highly doubtful.