First round Draft Prospect: Tevaun Smith (1)

6,1" 205 pounds
Iowa Hawkeyes
Ranked 40/407 WR
Toronto, Ontario

Tevaun is the number one ranked prospect in a strong top 9 or 10 players. A 3 year starter at Iowa, he has an unusual combination of Speed sub 4.4, range and hands for a Canadian receiver. His NFL ranking is a bit misleading because his stock dropped due to missed time with a knee injury. His average yards per catch has been a constant progression 18YPC in 2014 to an insane 22YPC this year, he's displayed big play capability over and over againHis performance in the Rose Bowl could see him shoot up or down as an NFL prospect affecting his CFL draft stock inversely...

Also got national attention this year for his record one handed catch promo stunt breaking Beckam's record

I could see Barker making a deal with his buddy Chris Jones for the top pick in the draft to take this Toronto kid at #1. Toronto will looking to make a splash as they relaunch the Argos.

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You can watch Tevaun when Iowa meets Stanford in the Rose Bowl on New Year's day at 18:00

Jones may want to make a similar "splash" in Regina.

If CJ doesn't bite on an offer from TO, I wonder how much Popp could extort ... err ... negotiate from Barker?

My opinion on this is that with these new one year contract, teams should be extra attention to players they feel will want to be part of the organization long term. What's the point drafting a corner back or a linesman that will take 3 years to develop ?

In addition agents are trying to strangle General Managers in exchange for two and three year commitment, forcing teams to overpay for prospects.

I'm not even sure it makes sense to put a combine together anymore. Between players trying their hand in the NFL and these one year contracts, players showing up and testing hot to PED's. Maybe the league should return to letting the teams do their own homework.

Tevaun Smith is projected as a 5th round draftee in the 2016 NFL draft which will put about $2.5 million (US) in his pocket over 4 years. So there appears to be no advantage to wasting the 2nd pick overall in the CFL draft. All NFL teams are not likely to pass on him in order for the Als to get a shot to offer CFL wage scale.

Smith twisted his knee in the Illinois game which put him on the bench against Northwestern but otherwise his 2015 injury does not appear to have been a problem. He is a talented receiver who will stand out in the later NFL draft rounds because of his latent talent and because of the superb coaching he received at Iowa. I really believe that a pass-oriented offense would have raised his ratings quite a bit.

I agree with all of that. He missed the equivalent of two games which reflects probably in around 150 receiving yards. He also made an 85 yard catch and run for a come from behind win to give Iowa an undefeated season. A big bowl game and good combine... I see his stock likely going up, worst case he's a 4 to 6 round draft pick. Any CFL team drafting him is likely to wait for at least 2 or 3 seasons and may never see him.

I think first rounders in the CFL should be reserved for the big bodies at OL and DL but that's a preference nothing else.