First road trip of the season

So we're a few days away from starting our first road trip of the season. First we go to Regina, and then it's Winnipeg.

Saskatchewan is looking like the team to beat in the West. They came back from a 21-point deficit against Montreal, and then put a pretty good beatdown on BC in BC. Winnipeg, while 1-1, is looking like it has a pretty potent offence.

I imagine both games will be tough, and it doesn't help that our road record over the last five years is 15-30.

Edmonton showed improvements last week, but then also collapsed...

So, what does everyone think?

0 and 3 thats what I perdict. We may come out lighting it up but after the half when the Riders make their adjustments we will not have an answer or will not make the changes needed and lose again. :x :x :x

This is a given; The O line must give Ray time to throw the ball as Sask. knows that Ray does not like to run. Our receivers can get open, thus make the catch and hang on to the ball. No problem with the running game as our backs can get the job done. As stated: Sask. will make adjustments at half time and can put teams away like we saw against B.C. Our Defensive group I'm sure will have watched the films of Durant picking the Lions D apart at will and do have their work cut out for them. With a couple of turnovers for points and play hard, yea the Esk's may pull this one out. MAN I DON'T WANT THEM TO GO 0-3 going to Winnipeg. Special teams: Perhaps there will be a surprise in the making for the Roughriders. Ya think :?

Although I now see some promise from the Esks I gotta agree-out coached at half time as usual.
I find it interesting that most of the good teams have a head coach who runs the Offense or at least the Offensive system, we have the opposite of that.

the thing I don't like about our OC is he seems to be old school. nothing interesting, most other teams will have some neat or different plays but our Offence is quite simple . when I look at our offence I really can't see any other team that come close to the talent we have. the only weakness I can see is the OC . last game we killed MTL on O and they make some simple adjustments on D and we can't switch things up to counter MTL adjustments. I can't fault Ray on this as he just follows the plays hes given .
Does Ray call his own plays or does Strausser?

I believe Kevin Strasser is responsible for the offensive insertion calendar, game preparation and designing within the scheme what the offense will do with the run and pass. Truthfully, I think Ricky Ray has the knowledge to read the defense and call his own plays, we just haven't seen it "YET". Is Kevin Strasser old school? Good question. On the other hand, perhaps/or is his philosophy of things still stuck in Portland state?

Ray doesn't call his own plays. No QB in the league calls his own plays anymore, not even Calvillo, who hasn't done it since the last year of the Don Matthews era in Montreal.

Calling plays is a huge responsibility for any QB to take on and should be left to the coaches, unless that coach is completely inept. Ricky Ray therefore should call his own plays :smiley:

I picked SK, but this is one I hope to get wrong of course.

Backer is right on the mark here. When the O-Line gives Ray time, like a few of the other cream of the CFL QBs, he can beat Winnipeg with the deep ball just as he did Montreal but for at least two key drops (was on travel so missed that game).

The rest is the same fundamentals as for all with low penalties and no turnovers or only one that does not lead to a score at most.

Even making just one of those 3rd quarter field goals into a touchdown with these fundamentals in place could be just enough to pull it off.

What a way to start the road trip.

Another drop by Campbell. Fumbles by McCarty and Stamps. The team was just outplayed throughout. The blocking on the huge Cates run, and the Sask receiver leading Glatt on a wild goose chase.

Not to mention Edmonton's been outscored 29-0 in fourth quarters so far. That could change if Sask scores again. We've got a total of 6 points in the second half, 3 of which were given to us by the Riders.

This is the second week in a row where we've gone into halftime with the lead, and then completely fallen apart in the second half.

No worries, you got the slumping Bombers next, your going to shred our patchwork defence even worse than Glenn did.

We'll shred your defence in the first half, then we'll apologize and give you the win in the second half.

Again I'll keep my post positive:

-O line played very well
-Mo Lloyd wasn't invisible
-team as a whole played better than anyone expected
-didn't have to hear" he comes up well short of 1st down yardage" every 2nd and long play (alot but not all)
-we should have beat the team that should have won the Grey Cup
-the interview with that guy who played Webster on TV about protecting the ball was fabulous :stuck_out_tongue:

Buck Pierce is out. You should get your first win against the Bombers.

That's the only reason I'll be picking the Eskimos this week.

Not to blow my own horn but I couldn't have perdicted it any closer then this. :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: