First Ray Lalonde Move

Mr. Lalonde has the Als back on CKAC which can only help promote the team throughout the province.

Don`t know how he got out of the agreement with the previous holder, it was supposed to be until 2013.

Now he can concentrate on getting the team the practice field!

Mr. Lalonde already putting his stamp on the team. Nice to see.

Cette entente donnera plus de valeur média à l'équipe et lui permettra d'obtenir éventuellement plus de valeur ajoutée sur les droits de diffusion. Excellente nouvelle!

the man putting his mark on the team/media/front office etc.!!

Herb and Jim Popp talking again, although I doubt they will be hitting Crescent St. together.

Dont know for sure but am guessing this might have been Lalondes 2nd move.

will be meeting in valleyfield for a dust-up post TC!! LOL

They don't have to be friends. Good news , they both need each other even if they don't know it.

We have seen a fleur de lys next to the Canadian flag on Als helmets the last couple of games.

Mr. Lalonde trying to make the Als a team of the province. I take this as good marketing rather than any political statement.

In today`s La Presse Lalonde is quoted as saying he wants to finalize plans within the next 6 months to get the Als permanent combined facilities - offices, practice field, etc.

Target date for the practice facility is 2013.

Time will tell if he can achieve it.

He says plans.... We know who will need to finance it.

sounds good to me. :thup:

He's doing all kinds of good things, Can't wait to see the new merchandising program.

woops. tix jumped from 750 to 889 available for fan appreciation game. he Is doing good things i agree, but he'll definitely have to do more.

judging from that home opener there was a 2,700 tix drop which he managed to recuperate an average of 1,700 a game which is actually very good. My guess is lots of new people that came to the stadium last year may have been turned off by the corridor crowds, the waiting lines for bathroom and food, etc. Molson stadium will have to be more of an entertainment experience too like the Bell Centre, just winning games and cups isn't enough anymore. This isn't the 70s.

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Ray Lalondes smiling face is on the front sports page of todays La Presse, interviewed by Bujold.

He says there is still alot of work to be done business-wise.

As for Trestmans contract, he says he doesnt want to say much, but that they will begin negotiating shortly with Trestman and his agent. Shouldn`t that have started during the off-season?

Avec tout ce qui s'est passé dans cet entre-saisons, je ne crois pas qu'il aurait été opportun de renégocier ce contrat avant maintenant. Là, Trestman n'a pas d'opportunité concrète aux USA et la mise en route de l'équipe est faite. Le temps est donc plus propice à la discussion.

Par ailleurs, c'est une entrevue où il répond de façon directe et appropriée. On n'a pas l'impression qu'il s'agit de la langue de bois. Je pense que Lalonde identifie très bien ce qui doit être fait et qu'il voit que tout ne peut pas être fait en même temps.