First quarter of season complete - thoughts

So now that the first quarter of the season is complete and the Als have a 2-4 record. Thoughts from the gallery on the first quarter of the season. Predicitions for the next 6 games?

Given the team is off for 8 days and will be playing the Argos in a home and home. Popp, Trestman, Green and Woods.
I foresee the Als ending up 2-6 in three weeks. I have not seen evidence that Chaps can get his team the W against the Argos.

This is one bad football team.

Half asleep at work today, if we would of won it would of been all good. But asleep and the loss i was very grouchy! My brother hasnt been to Montreal in 20 years and he insists we go to the the game on the 11th...ef my life i dont wanna go there!!!

Look at it as the return of Popp, Trestman, Green and Woods.

And you will get to see Ricky Ray DESTROY Thorpe's defense! :smiley:

Special Teams
Bede is reverting to his usual self, which is very good for the Als.

However, Logan always seems to choose the wrong route for his kick returns, besides the ones against Calgary. Letting go of Martese Jackson was a mistake in my opinion.

The Als are pretty much a hit and miss team when it comes to offence. If they gained 5+ yards on 1st downs, they will usually score points, otherwise it seems to be often 2 downs and then a punt.

Durant seems to be improving, although I expected more from him, considering his experience. He has trouble with short passes, and seems to like extending the play, often at the expense of doing the smart play. However, he seems to connect well with his receivers.

The receiving corps is not bad. Cunningham is the most improved receiver imo, especially since he improved his hands. Lewis and Johnson have shown potential.

Sutton can still break tackles, and I believe Beaulieu has the potential to be as good as pre-injury Patrick Lavoie. However, I find Rutley rather underwhelming, even as a pass-catcher. He also seems like a below-average blocker, since I noticed that Durant has been hurried a lot more in the last 2 games.

The O-Line is better than line, although it seems like it is now more pressured than it used to be at the start of the season. Matt Vonk is dreadful as a pass-blocker, and I hope that if Blake is still injured for the next game (unlikely but still), we will see Matte at LG and Gagnon at RG.

The Als had bad luck regarding their backfield. However, it has done an admirable job considering the circumstances. IMO, Stewart has been alright at CB, while Cox has been dreadful at HB.
I like both Chris Ackie and Dondre Wright, especially their toughness, even though they can sometimes make mistakes.

The LB corps has done fairly well, even with Bear Woods' departure. I do not know if Dozier can be our SAM linebacker for the upcoming years, but he has hold his own so far.

The D-line has been a major disappointment for me, especially Knapton and the DT.
In Knapton's case, he seems to have benefited from A-M Cash in the past seasons, because he never managed to hurry the opposing QB.
Regarding the DT, I feel that Ray Drew needs to be a starter. When he was on the field, the Als had more succees pressuring the O-line I also believe that Shologan and Westerman should play only half of the snaps, as it would improve the D-line pressure. They no longer have the stamina to play every snap.

The one thing I am tired to see is the fact that the Als always give up 10+ yards on 2nd down and long.