First Preseason Game Riders vs Stamps

OK......will they start out slow... playing everyone and evaluating new players.........and then in the fourth quarter go for the kill?

Will Burris have an X that marks the spot and will Nate see red?

Will the Stamps replace Burris' dentures?

How I wish this was on TV..........


I agree, this game should've been on TV, I guess they want to save the surprise of what's going to happen for the regular season games.

I wonder how much playing time Burris will get in this one. If I was coaching, I might use this game, to "evaluate my backups" and then give play Burris in the entire seconmd game, because you never know what might happen, especially with a younger guy trying hard to get noticed and make the riders.

He will play a full quarter for sure. End I am sure he will stick it to his old team.

This game is going to be a good one, only if it could be on T.V.

Yes, then everyone can see the latest weapons that they have aquired Sask fans remember this name Ken Yon Rambo. Your DB's will!

Preseason is about evaluating players and getting the players to click again. If you win, great, if you don't win who cares it doesn't count anyways. So basically I don't care if the Riders win that game it's the next two against Calgary that I'll be interested in.

I think Burris will have an X on his back just the way every other qb has an X on his back. But I can't see any player going out and hurting Burris because that just puts a bullseye on every rider player.

Too much hype! As others have noted, the coaches will be evaluating players. I suspect the emotion level will be low as are most exhibition games.

I agree with Sportsmen, this game will all be evaluation just like any other preseason game. HOWEVER when the Riders and Stamps clash in the regular season...that will be a horse of a different color pardon my weak pun.

mean nothing game ...except to coaches and newcomers....but don't kid yourself, players will be taking opposition nos. for furure consideration..... the toughest thing that'll probably happen on the field will be intimidating comments. :twisted:

I hate to bring this up but I recall Danny B running up the score so yes they will be taking numbers for future reference.

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Sigh… many Rider veterans not playing in this one. The entire starting D line not playing for heavens sakes. I guess it makes sense. Have to evaulate the rookies.

I’m just sooooooo ready for some real football. Only a couple more weeks for the real deal.


Weather's gonna be a problem (cold, rainy, windy). Should get a good look at the RBs though.

Yes I here they are only bringing 5 guys ha ha ha ha

Are the Calgary papers hyping this game like the posters on this forum? Or are they treating it like just another exhibition game?

At this point in the year the only thing the vets will be worried about is getting timing down and staying healthy for the regular season and the only thing the rookies and newcomers will be worried about is making the most of whatever playing time they get and catching the coaches eye.

That's why they call it EXHIBITION. Don't think too many players will be wasting time with all the other crap including taking numbers. Aint gonna happen no matter how hard all you die hard fans wish it to.


Actually Madamex none of the Rider's starters are playing either offence or defence...not [u]1[/u] starter! Nealon is the only one they're even taking to Calgary and he'll play one quarter and that is it. So if the Riders do lose this game it won't be true because none of the Rider's starters offence or defence are even making the trip to Calgary.

Any idea what type of a crowd they are expecting?

This doesn't make any sense. You can't send an entire squad of rookies at once on the field without some leaders who actually have the experience to see things coming and help the kids correct their mistakes. If the Riders did so, Barrett needs to pull his head out of Shivers' @**...

But to Barrett's defence, Jeremy is often wrong, so I assume this must be the logical explanation in this case too.