First Pre-Season Game

Lions beat the Riders 37 - 23 in their first pre-season game :smiley:
Sounded like a good game. Hope there are 19 more of those to come :lol:


I’m just looking forward to the Edmonton - BC Match up…Got my tickets…fun,fun,fun!

yes i’m looking forward to that game…as well as the other games against Sask. There is a bit of a rivalry starting between them. I like the fact that we play them 3 times this year :slight_smile:

And since those 3 teams should be 1,2, and 3 at the end of the year…it will make those matchups even more exciting.

I’ve been waiting for the CFL to start since early spring. Got my season tickets + grey cup tix and seems like we’re starting a tradition of playing Sask as our last game of the regular season. I’m liking it!

Sask has been our last game for more than 5 seasons now…it’s always a great game when Sask is in town…they always have at least a bus load if not 2 or 3 of fans follow them out to the game. Quite the drive, and they are always in good spirits when they step into the dome. The season ending Sask game has been my favorite game of the year for the last few years.