First pre-season game

I know it's pre-season, I know its about evaluating players, I know it's not about the score...but so far, the only Al that has impressed me is - of all people! - Shawn White!


Did you see the punt that Bede uncorked one the last play of the first quarter.


They did mention that it was with the wind, but (a) Weather Network sows the QC wind as 17 km/hr, and (b) it also benefited Whyte.

But to give Whyte credit what impressed me was the height on his kicks.

This game shouldn't even be televised. It's a fire drill, nothing more, and only the coaches or live spectators can really see who's impressing in terms of individual performance.

Crompton has been awful. Hasn’t thrown ONE accurate pass in almost a half.

Well, I'm hoping to be proven wrong, but so far, Crompton 2015 looks a lot like Troy Smith 2014...

At least you have the option of watching it. I cannot see the game at all.

I know this is just a preseason game, but I want to reiterate that Crompton cannot afford to do what he did last year, and what he seems to be doing right now, which is to suck abjectly for a whole 30 minutes. I don't care what you do in the second half, you can't just continually pi$$ away half of each football game week in and week out. That's not the mark of a great quarterback, or even a good one.

Nice touch by Bridge on rollout :thup: TD :rockin:

I don't have the option of watching it either. I live in the US and can't access any video from TSN's site. But I trust the judgment of the members here on player performance; if they say Crompton's $ucking, I believe them. I'm just saying in general that preseason games are a huge waste of TV time. They're very poor from an entertainment standpoint and it's really more about the coaches evaluating players in specific situations than the game itself.

Bede kicks off against the wind and hands it at the 2.

They really have to give him a full scale shot as his leg puts Whyte to shame.

I'd be shocked if Whyte wasn't the starter. Blind loyalty to Pippin means the other guy has to work twice as hard to be considered half as good and apparently everyone has forgotten that we won back-to-back Grey Cups with an import kicker. :roll: :thdn:

BEDE and Mitchell were the most dominant player of the first half.

Nice to see Mitchell making a positive impact after the Twitter nonsense a few weeks ago. When he's on and focused, he can be a dominant DT, the kind we haven't had since Keron Williams.

Crompton 2 for 6 = 17 yards and a fumble :oops:

Agreed, Hfx. Mitchell has 2 sacks and he can be a true leader as long as he doesn't do dumb things. Bede is definitely a keeper. Popp et al will have some figuring out to do, but in the Canadian game, field position is more often than not determined by the kicking game.

And, finally, we have a proven ST coach. They've done well so far.

Great. So his ball security is just as poor as it was last year and he's still unable to have even an average start to a game. Like, I don't even want him to do a Calvillo and put together a multi-play TD drive on the first series of the game. JUST DON'T SUCK ABJECTLY FOR 30 EFFING MINUTES every week, Jonathan! This is a pro league -- you can't afford to waste half a game getting your act together.

The other thing is: we're going to see how good a QB coach Schonert is this year. If he can't elevate Crompton at least to the point of average performance, he should turn over the QB coach position to Anthony and go back to working with the receivers...

So far I find its taking a lot of time to get the ball off. Schonert is going to have to get his stuff out there quicker.

So far I find its taking a lot of time to get the ball off. Schonert is going to have to get his stuff out there quicker.

Hey look, it's the third quarter and one of our QBs finally completed a pass to a receiver, not a running back! :lol: :oops:

Hey look, it's the third quarter and your team just broke 50 in passing yards.