first practice game.

Maas, Holmes & Ranek did not play in the first practice game; however, their presence will be noted in a high scoring win against Toronto this Saturday night.

r u sure they will play?? im not to sure... i dont think they will see action till the second preseason game here in hamilton...

too bad maas, ranek, and holmes, wont have to face the wrath of ricky williams, and his ripped physique and tree trunk legs.

bs, hes only smart about football he isnt in the best shape yet, i bet there are other rb’s on toronto in better football shape then him right now, although he does look better without that rediculas beard!

actually ricky has been in shape since he's a certified yoga teacher in california, and his job requires him to workout daily, ricky is in tremendous shape, did you see him yesterday, he's ripped.

meh, i doubt he can still give it his all. hes just one player. takes a team to win games., we r gunna bring it to the table argo's r too, but we'll see inthe end.

The games this firday not saturday