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Oh...I'm with you there. I don't think I could take a loss this year if they make it to the big game again. :frowning:

Yep...same here. My Dad would roll over in his grave if he knew I was saying this but for me, it's Als first, Habs second. Although I must say that my son is starting to get me hooked on the Impact as well. :wink:

During those years we used to say: “Nelson, go back to Skalbania!!!”

I have been reading the posts with some interest. Well, the Impact did their thing, now let’s see the Als do theirs (win the GC, that is!). Going 2 for 2 is possible, but it will be a while (if ever!) we see the Habs doing their thing again! On another sports note, I am very sorry to have lost the Expos. It made me think that Montreal is perhaps not a major-league city. So, here’s hoping that the Habs (eventually!), the Als, and the Impact provide us good sports entertainment and that they are well supported.

HA! MadJack! I remember those guys. I remember how everyone around me used to laugh when Bork trotted onto the field. He used to hold his arms in such a way that he looked like a fairy (sorry for the politically incorrect here).

I'll say one thing about those years though... Don Clark and George Dixon were a treat to watch the year they were in the same backfield. Also, I had a friend of mine who played on those woeful teams: Mikey Gibbons - who was an infrequent tight end. His career ended with a shoulder injury that the Als told him could wait till the offseason for surgery. They lied. Ah, Ted Workman, may hell find a nice place for you to tan...

Oh, and welcome to the board Marc...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers those guys from the wild and wacky early 60s. . . and I agree, Clark and Dixon were a treat to watch.

We also had a pretty good fullback for a time back then, J.W. Lockett . . . remember him?

Who could forget J.W.? Big powerful black guy who preferred to run people over than go around.

How about the Jim Trimble debacle? He didn't like Mikey btw - criticized him often and openly in front of other players.

God, I don't remember who the coach was (looked it up - Darrel Mudra) but Mikey told us once that when the gun went off to end the 1st quarter, the coach asked, "What the hell was that?!!"

I also remember when they brought in a punt returner from the USA and forgot to tell him there was no fair catch in the CFL. I can still see the poor bugger putting up his hand, signalling fair catch, before he got absolutely killed! LOL

All of that changed when Sam Berger became the owner.

That's because you're a masochist :wink: The thing that's hard with football like any other sport is that the pain last a very long time