First Post

I’ve been lurking here for quite a while, usually do before getting involve :wink: . One thing I must say, you guys know your football :thup:
Started watching football in 1977, the year the Als won the GC, went through the Nelson Skalbania fiasco, the Concorde joke, the no more CFL football in Montreal :frowning: , but never stop being a CFL and Alouette fan

Hope we’ll get into good football talk, because I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard buddy!

Welcome fellow Als' fan X2

Glad to have you here! :rockin:

Welcome Marc

We are not a large group but we get along real good :thup:

Welcome to the board!

Thanks for the welcome guys :slight_smile:


Ouch...those were painful days indeed!

Welcome to the forum Marc! :rockin:

Oh so you only started in 1977. . . well while you did have to suffer through Skalbania, Concordes, etc, at least you avoided the wild and wacky years of QBs like Vernon Cole, Warren Raab, Bubba Marriott, George Bork. . .

Thank god I missed that, there's just so much a fan can take


Well, Marc, I've been taking it for 50 years, and I still keep coming back for more !

A thumbs down to the lazy incompetent who is monitoring this forum. There is supposed to be a sense of decorum here, and swearing should be prohibited. Yet, the two of the most foul words in the English language -- Nelson Skalbania -- have appeared frequently on this thread! Come on, monitor, do your job!
Oh yeah, and welcome aboard Mark.

Wow, I feel better for only having grown up in the turbulence of the '80s Concorde and and not following the team in earnest until 2002 (our last Grey Cup win).

Youse nuttin but a rookie!

What can I say? The Als were always secondary to the Habs when I was growing up. :slight_smile:

Now, I'm an avid fan of both, which leaves only April and May as potential sports 'dead zones.' :lol:

WOW!!!! Seeing how you spoke of the Als while they rode to a 15-3 record, I would just love to see what you have to say about the Habs this year! :lol:

Ha! Don’t get me started or I’ll be here all night. :lol:

Actually, I had very low expectations of my Habs this season, which has been true at the start of every season except for 08-09. So far they haven’t disappointed me, because I never thought they’d do very well in the first place. You can’t fall off the floor. :wink:

With the Als, it’s different. I am simply not sure if I can take the heartbreak of another Grey Cup loss. If we do make it to the Grey Cup game, I may not even watch it, because it will be too emotionally draining and I’ll have a ton of schoolwork to do around that time.

The Als will never be secondary to anyone in my books

I didn't say they were secondary to me now. :slight_smile: I just said they were secondary in our household when I was growing up. Mainly because my father was much more of a hockey and baseball fan than a football fan in the '80s.

I understood that, I was just elaborating on myself, cause I hate Hockey 8)